Makeup and Cosmetics have become a part and parcel of every woman’s life. They can’t think of a day without using them. But then it’s high time they realize about the bad effects it can cause to their health.

Let’s look at some of the adverse effect of makeup on health.

Easily Susceptible to Cancer

People who are more dependent on makeup can easily be prone to cancer and other chronic diseases. Majority of chemicals used in these cosmetics contain toxic ingredients that will pave way for categories of Cancers like Breast Cancer, Blood Cancer and Skin Cancer.

Many of these cosmetics contain harmful chemicals like Zinc Oxide, Barium, Sulphate, Benzene etc.

Which are extremely harmful to health.Even though companies make an intention to project these products look very natural, the real fact is that no makeup can be produced without any amount of toxic in it. By the time customers realize the harmful effect, they would already have lost half of their good health.

Difficulty in Breathing

Lot of these chemically reactive cosmetic products can lead to serious breathing disorders. If these products are consumed by mistake, it can damage nasal passage and also they may cause severe effect on respiratory system.

Lipsticks which contain salicylates and leadmake it easy for respiratory disorders and asthmatic attacks. With the use of these cosmetic products there comes a pack of never ending list of problems and it’s always better not to depend too much on these products.

Damage to Reproductive System

The Parabens present in makeup has been proved to be harmful to reproductive system. These harmful toxins may also even lead to infertility. Because makeup is predominantly used by women, the chances of risk are greater for them.

Regular use of deodorants, skincare products, shower gels and shower cream may result in complicated reproductive irregularities. It is also proved that cosmetic products which have Asbestos in them, when directly in contact can affect menstrual cycle and leads to other imbalances.

In addition, vaginal infections and ovarian cancer can also occur when these products are used.

Results in Ageing

One may look younger when they use makeup. But the fact is that the prolonged use of these products can show up wrinkles and other signs of aging more visible to the spectators and yourself. Companies manufacture countless anti-ageing creams and lotions to attract the customers.

But the truth is that it’s just a technique to sell out their products. If you really can’t afford to step out without these creams and moisturizers, then it’s always better to do a proper research and buy products which are not much harmful to your skin and health.

These are some of the health issues caused with the use of makeup. It’s always better not to use any kind of makeup on your skin. Occasionally you may use them, but then prolonged use can severely affect your health and skin to an extent that your normal appearance could never be attained back.

So minimize the use of makeup and try to be natural always. Stay natural and stay healthy.