Learn More About Inclusions and Exclusions of a Health Insurance Plan

Lately, people have adopted healthy lifestyle practices like doing yoga, workout sessions in the gym, and taking healthier diets as possible.

Although such methods have a positive effect on your bodies and are enough to keep you away from diseases, there are uncertain situations in life for which you must be prepared.

Your life always holds the possibility of uneventful circumstances like medical emergencies, which cannot be ignored. A health policy helps you deal efficiently with such situations.

Medical costs in India are inflating every year, which is making getting the treatment of many diseases difficult for many people.

For instance, if you get diagnosed with breast cancer even after maintaining a healthy lifestyle, what will you do? The treatment costs are so high that everyone can’t afford it.

If you have a health policy in place, it can save you from more significant medical expenses that may arise in the future.Many companies in India provide a health insurance policy that offers various benefits with many add-on options.

If you are planning to purchase health insurance anytime soon, there are some primary inclusions and exclusions for you to keep in mind. It is also advisable to buy the policy in your young years so that you remain covered for a maximum period.

Let us take a look at the primary inclusions and exclusions of health policy:

Health Policy Inclusions

Pre and Post Hospitalization Cost

All the significant medical costs that are incurred during and after your hospitalization are covered under the health policy. It also includes ambulance charges, and the pre- and post-hospitalization expenses.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness Insurance policy comes as an add-on or rider option under a basic health insurance policy, which offers additional coverage for life-threatening diseases.


Some of the ailments covered under the critical illness policy are cancer, kidney failures, stroke, paralysis, and heart attack. You can choose it with your primary health policy.

In-patient hospitalization

These are the costs incurred when a patient is being treated for more than 24 hours in the hospital. In-patient hospitalization costs cover room rent, ICU rent, Doctor & Nurse’s fee, operation theatre charges, expenses of medicines, blood, oxygen.

You can also verify with your insurer to know more about the other inclusions in this part of health insurance.

Health Policy Exclusion

Pre-existing Disease

The policyholder suffering from any type of disease,at the time of buying the policy, will not be covered for the same. There are a few diseases like kidney stones, and cataracts can be excluded if your insurer’s policy terms agree with it.

It is always best to ask your insurer in detail before buying the policy to stay updated on all the exclusions.

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is usually done by people to enhance bodily features, which doesn’t fall under medical emergencies. The surgeries for various diseases recommended by a specialist is generally covered under the health policy, or where a person has met with an accident and has serious injuries.

Pregnancy Treatment

Usually, basic health policy does not cover pregnancy treatments. Some insurers may provide such facilities under an additional cover, which may have a period of a few months.

If you are buying the policy, you must check it with your insurer in case you want to plan it in the future.

Get Your Right Health Insurance Policy

In today’s fast-paced world, a health policy had become essential.A health insurance policy bought in the early stages of life offers coverage against various medical ailments a person suffers during the policy term.

It also relieves you from the liability of medical bills for various hospital proceedings. Therefore, you must choose your health insurance policy wisely.


With the right health policy by your side, you can say goodbye to your worries of hefty medical bills. Health insurance plans from reputable insurers such as Max Life Insurance provide the flexibility to customize your protection based on your needs.

These plans offer comprehensive coverage against various ailments in the form of a sum assured.  Apart from that, these health policies allow you to avail comprehensive tax benefits under section 80C of the IT Act, 1961.

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