Layered Bob Haircuts

When you walk in the street, you will not fail to spot one or two women wearing layered bob hairstyle. Many celebrities mostly sport these styles, and that is why every lady wants to try them out; they want to appear as if they are coming from an expensive resort. That is actually how these styles make you look.

Layered Bob Haircuts
Layered Bob Hairstyles with Side Bangs 30 best short bob haircuts with bangs and layered bob

Layered bobs give you a wide array of styling options. You can, therefore, opt for tousled and voluminous curls, straight styles or sleek flat updos. Regardless of the style you choose, there is for sure one thing you are guaranteed of when you choose layered bob; beautiful and classy look.

Cute Layered Bob with Intricate Edges

Precision is crucial when it comes to creating a short layered bob with intricate edges. This bob is inspired by Mary Quant’s hair of the sixties. However, the present cut has been styled in a contemporary twist by incorporating highlights and messy layers.

Inverted Layered Ash Blonde Bob

An inverted elongated layered lob is more intricate hairstyle compared to the standard inverted lob. It incorporates the same wedge form, but it appears softer since the length reveals less of your neck and jaw-line which is an added advantage for chubby faces.

Wavy Bob

This beautiful look incorporates cute short trimmed waves, and fresh, cinnamon-chocolate hue would be nothing short of total life transformation for ladies with red or brown tresses. For ladies with naturally curly hair, this hairstyle is same as wake-up-and-go cut.

Ash Blonde Voluminous Messy Bob

This understated bob hairstyle with lots of layers gives you a messy look thanks to the backcombing style used. The subtle ash blonde shade adds to this modern, fashion-forward style. Regardless of how you wear this haircut, whether shaggy or smooth, you are assured of a gorgeous look sure to turn heads for all good reasons.

Chocolate Brown Bob with Mid-Length Layers

If you have decided to take a break from elongated hair to short hair, adding light layers can help make the transition smooth. However, you need to understand your face-shape and if possible carry with you the pictures of this style to your stylist. She will be able to recommend to you which cut is fittest for your face though.

Disconnected Lob With Dynamic Waves

A short layered bob with extended layers always makes an impact, whether cohesive or disconnected. Also, you can give this style live by incorporating lively dynamic waves. To achieve this, take some sections at the top and curl them loosely using a curling iron.

Short Wavy Dimensional Lob

This is a contemporary take on the old shoulder-length layered bob. You can up with the dimension by styling the layers loose and curly. If you have naturally curly hair, crutch it with some volumizing gel and give it some time to dry to get the best impact.

Snow-White Feathery Bob

There is a misconception that chin-length layered locks are boring. This is and cannot be true, and this snow-white bob proves disapproves that misconception. Right now, this is the bang on trend. The light layers are an excellent way of balancing your face’s symmetry, as well as improving the definition of your cheekbones.

Disheveled Angled Blonde Bob

The bluntly trimmed angled bob with subtle tousling is the suitable day-to-night haircut. Refined, professional and straightened hair is ideal for work. With some sea salt spray and a little bit of some texture, this style gets a bit messy and right for Friday night out.

One-Length Caramel Balayage Style

Using fringy tips is a reliable technique that can be utilised to add texture to thin hair. To make sure that your hair is not overly layered, and take away some of the density, take some of your preferred cut with you to the stylist to advise you on the best style that suits you. This medium length layered bob is an excellent choice to consider for your next styling.

Choppy Black Pixie Bob

Messy pixie bobs are ideal for ladies who want to embrace an extremely short pixie. To achieve it, gradually transition from chin length bob to a boyish cut that offers easier and smoother change.

Inverted Grey Bob Highlighted In Cinnamon Balayage

The crop cut with elongated layers and intricate highlights is modern, classy and classic. The perfectly blended tresses give subtle texture while still keeping softness and smoothness. The rich grey colour enhances the daintiness of this beautiful short hairdo.

Nape-Length Stacked Bob

Ideal for the summer months, this beautifully stacked bob haircut shows off the nape of your hair, and it is effortless to maintain. The layering starts at the top and spreads to the nape, however, the base of the cut is blunt and very accurate. You can also ask your hairdresser to improve the depth impression by utilising highlighted and shaded sections.

Tousled Lavender Wisps

So beautiful! Layered bob haircuts are for sure enjoying their best moment. Do you remember those days when young girls didn’t go for short hair, and they considered bobs more of ‘mom’ cut? Well, that is past now and no longer holds. Everyone, regardless of age, is experimenting with short hair. Short hair is much freeing. Give a try to this lavender, soft brown and pink colours, and they won’t disappoint you.

Curly Bob with Warm Toned Accents

This beautiful bob incorporates bumpy layers and bluntly trimmed ends for a warm, modern style. The brown balayage accents and ashy tint of the blonde are without a doubt on the point. When you have warm toned hair, it pays to incorporate this in your makeup. The grey shadow and berry lip are a perfect combo with the shades of the waves.

Polished Side-Parted Bob

For the ladies who want to maintain the length of their hair, this is a long layered bob is ideal for them.