Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has been performed for over 20 years – but never has it been more affordable to such a wide range of people.

Over the years, advances in technology, treatments and processes has ensured that the cost of laser eye surgery for an individual has been reduced. At the same time, the overall standard of outcomes and safety has significantly improved.

Of course, there remain some private providers who maintain high costs for laser eye surgery. Many of the ‘exclusive’ clinics promote an image of providing a safer experience or a better outcome by charging £3-4k more than other providers. Simply put, more expensive treatment doesn’t always mean a better standard of treatment.

The use of advanced technology is key to all of this. This results in the highest standard of clinical outcomes – at an affordable price. So why exactly do price and the cost of laser eye surgery affect clinical outcomes?

The best providers partner with the best technology suppliers in the industry. The size of network means that they are then able to pass ‘economy of scale’ savings directly on to their patients.

In layman’s terms, the sheer size of a provider determines whether they are able to install the best technology in the industry in all their clinics at a more cost-effective price than other providers.

Are the surgeons employed on a full-time basis or on a surgery-by-surgery contract? You want to make sure that your provider is not paying surgeons based on targets or results.

This results in patients being hurried through surgery with no regard to their needs or desires. Make sure the surgeons are looking out for your best interests and that the amount of surgeries they do does not represent whether they get a higher wage.

In recent years, as well as bringing down the overall cost of laser eye surgery, due to economies of scale, laser eye surgery has become more affordable to everyone.

This has resulted in the introduction of finance deals including 0% interest and monthly payments, helping patients to spread the cost of their laser eye surgery to an affordable monthly cost.

Laser eye surgery improves vision and gives patients the freedom to enjoy a life free of the hassle that glasses and contact lenses bring.

With laser eye surgery costs at such an affordable level, there really has never been a better time to have the treatment.