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Kopophobia (Fear of Fatigue): Causes and Symptoms

Nobody likes to feel fatigued or stressed, but it’s quite rare to meet a person who is deeply afraid of such a feeling. In this article, we will discuss Kopophobia.

Kopophobia is defined as the irrational fear of fatigue. A person who suffers from this condition can expect to suffer a very high amount of anxiety when they merely think of fatigue, let alone when they actually experience it.

In fact, the anxiety such people feel may be so intense that they may have to suffer a full-blown panic attack because of it. Even though such a case of anxiety will not be the case for every single person suffering from kopophobia, there is a high chance that it will occur nonetheless.

Someone who is experiencing a full-blown panic attack due to their kopophobia can expect to deal with an increased heart rate, higher blood pressure, an increased rate of excessive sweating, breathing, trembling, and muscle tension, amongst many other symptoms.

Although it is not everyone who will have panic attacks, it is a symptom of kopophobia that can possibly occur in those who have severe symptoms. People who have kopophobia commonly find themselves doing all they can to avoid that which they are afraid of.

Kopophobic people may take avoidance to the extreme by making sure that they are not exposed to fatigue of any kind. For instance, someone who has this condition may not agree to engage in any sort of work or strenuous activity in order for them not to be fatigued.

Excessive worry about this kind and irrational thinking is most likely one of the primary causes of mental anguish.

Although someone who has this condition may have to actively avoid the things they fear in an attempt to reduce their chances of dealing with immediate anxiety, actions like this may also worsen their symptoms of kopophobia eventually because they would also begin to justify their fear by actively avoiding it.

Symptoms of Kopophobia

Just like virtually every phobia that exists, a person who has kopophobia can expect to have anxiety as the most apparent symptom of their condition.

Also, their anxiety may become so extreme that they begin to suffer full-blown panic attacks because of it. Depending on how severe their panic attack becomes, people with Kopophobia may even have to be hospitalized.

Nevertheless, because the severity varies from person to person, whether a person is hospitalized or not will also be greatly dependent on several factors.

Furthermore, a person who deals with kopophobia may go through painstaking efforts to see to it avoid stressful situations, which can affect how they work, study, or even behave around people who work hard enough to become fatigued possibly.

Below are some other physical symptoms of kopophobia:

  • Constantly avoiding strenuous activities
  • May experience panic attacks
  • Anxiety when thinking of fatigue
  • Muscle tension, shakiness, and sweating
  • Unable to cope with their anxiety

Causes of Kopophobia

Just like a couple of other phobias out there, kopophobia has no specific cause that has been identified and generally accepted.

Nevertheless, it is assumed that genetics and a person’s environment may play significant roles in causing this condition.

For instance, if an individual has a family history of mental conditions, especially of specific phobias and anxiety disorders, then they may have a higher chance of dealing with kopophobia.

This may also be as a result of them having a genetic predisposition to suffering mental illness in general.

Kopophobia Treatments

In the same way, there are no specific causes of kopophobia; it is sad that there are also no treatments specifically designed for the condition.

Nevertheless, kopophobia can be managed in a number of ways, and can possibly be treated through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), exposure therapy, and some psychiatric medications, among others.

When do I see a doctor?

If you begin to live in constant fear of getting fatigued for more than six months, it is time to see a psychologist or a doctor who will walk with you to understand what you are dealing with and manage it.

A mental health professional may have you take a few tests or answer some questions for you to be correctly diagnosed.

After a diagnosis, the next step may be to help you understand why your fears are irrational and help you deal to understand how to deal with your concerns and live a healthy life.

Final thoughts on Kopophobia

If you or a loved one is dealing with Kopophobia, kindly seek professional help immediately and never try any form of home treatment.

Kindly leave a comment below if you have found this article useful.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

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