Plastic surgeons play a major role in shaping up your body and eliminating the fatty areas. Individual facing excess fat in the body area find it hard to socialize and also carry weird body shape.

There are various ways to overcome the fat problem, and one such is by dieting and exercising. However, not every time both these options work and eventually plastic surgeon’s role comes to play.

Plastic surgeons specialize in area of cosmetology or physical reconstruction. Be it through liposuction, body contouring or facial rejuvenation, the surgeon uses any of the procedure to overcome the problem.

Surgeons either work independently or for any of the medical centre. Sono Bello has some reputed and well-trained surgeons who are certified to offer service to patients under various circumstances. However, before joining any of such centres, one must go through extensive education and training, including 4-yrs of UG degree and residency programs in general and plastic surgery.

Once done, they are well-trained in reputed hospitals under the guidance of professionals to be perfection in different body surgical operations. Surgeons have number of job options in both private and state hospitals under various departments.


No doubt, plastic surgeons are paid very well, and is one of the best thing happens in the profession. According to 2012 report by Medscape Physician Compensation, plastic surgeons are the 9th in highest grossing. The pay structure depends on the work setting and kind of surgical work need to be done.


Surgeons have the freedom to work in the area of specialization. Starting from general surgeons, the physician can get into various types of settings. Be it facial surgeon or body contouring surgeon, they have options to work for.

Value of the profession:

Surgeons take a great pride in offering surgical treatment and contributing to the patients’ medicine. For an individual, having a fat free body is a blessing and getting a proper surgery is very essential. The professional needs to work emotionally and understand the requirement of the patient.

Various Income Sources:

Surgeons have various source of income, apart from regular pay. They generally make income through health insurance and network contract fees. By earning in huge dollars, they make good income source in their profession.


Like every other profession, physicians do face the challenge. Some patients may have to undergo serious physical change. The physician needs to understand the need and know the challenges and overcome it.

Facial or body surgery can dramatically alter the shape of the person in positive or negative way. Because of their nature of work, plastic surgeons are highly challenge facing medical professionals.