Spider Vein

Spider vein is similar to those of varicose veins. The difference is that they are much smaller and are located near the skin’s surface. They seem to look like spider webs or roots of trees.

As it resembles spider webs they get the name spider veins. Usually, they appear on the legs and the face. Spider veins usually develop due to weak valves of the veins. The valves of the vein help the blood to flow up the legs.

Due to weak valves blood tend to go back and are stuck in the different portions of the leg. Varicose veins as well as spider veins are caused mainly because of this leakage of blood.

Causes of spider vein

There are many reasons for the cause of weak valves. It can be caused due to hormonal changes during puberty, ageing, pregnancy, excess body weight and even menopause. You are prone to get weak veins because of hereditary factors also. Prolonged sun exposure can also be the reason why fair skinned people are prone to weak veins.

Symptoms of Spider Veins

The first sign for spider veins is the appearance of red or blue colored fine lines on a few areas of the body. These are permanent ones and may cause a lot of irritation to the infected person. Itching, Tingling experience or burning sensation can irritate the person who is affected by spider vein.

Different shapes of Spider Veins

Spider veins can appear in different shapes on the skin. Spider veins seen on the inner knees and legs are found to be linear shaped. These are a collection of small and straight spider veins which are finer and smaller and seem like small red stretch marks. Branch like spider veins are seen on the upper thighs.

They seem like the branches of a tree. The third type of spider veins is similar to the spider webs. These can be seen on the feet and are purple, blue or red in colors.

Spider vein Treatment

Spider vein can be removed with the help of well-trained cosmetic doctors. Spider vein treatment is known as Sclerotherapy. The procedure for this treatment, doctor uses a very fine needle to inject a saline solution or salt water based solution into the unwanted veins.

The veins swell and are sealed. The unwanted veins fade away gradually, few weeks after this treatment. Many fear that this treatment would be painful. But in reality, this is a painless procedure which will not even need the use of anesthesia. Moreover, the treatment sessions usually take over thirty minutes time.

At times, this procedure has to be repeated after a month or more in case of larger veins. Soon after the therapy, patients are able to go back to their regular routine life other than any kind of strenuous exercise or sportive activities.

After the spider vein treatment, patients are recommended to wear support stockings for a few weeks. This can actually help in healing the veins the proper way.