Knee Scooters

A broken foot is a major hindrance for a person because it restricts mobility. A person with a broken foot has difficulties moving from one place to another and performing day-to-day tasks.

Luckily, the advent of technology has resulted in the invention of medical equipment that makes life better and easier for a person with a broken leg. Among this medical equipment are crutches, wheelchairs, and knee scooters.

It is contentious which one is better for a broken foot between a knee scooter and a crutch. Before you decide on the piece of equipment to purchase for a broken foot, it is good to consider the merits and demerits of each option. Below are the pros and cons of the two mobility devices. A knee or leg scooter is a four-wheeled mobility assistant device for people with foot and ankle injuries.

Knee Scooter

Advantages of a Knee Scooter

  • It offers stability and safety when moving from one point to another. Slipping and tripping are rare when using a knee scooter.
  • In a knee scooter, the injured leg gets a firm base when placed on the knee scooter pad.
  • Unlike in crutches where the armpits bear all the body weight, in a knee scooter, the wheels bear the weight of the individual.
  • A knee scooter is easy to use and does not require much learning. Once you get into a scooter, movement becomes swift and you get a bonus of having fun.• Knee scooters are comfortable and no part of the body is strained.
  • Knee scooters allow you to move faster and easier because of the wheels.
  • Unlike crutches, a knee scooter does not require upper body strength.

Disadvantages of a Knee Scooter

  • It is not versatile and mobile as compared to crutches. A knee scooter cannot be used in a staircase, narrow hallway, and a tough surface.
  • A knee scooter requires an adjustment period to get used to the scooter.• It is expensive


They are a traditional mobility device that helps people with a broken leg or ankle to get around.

Merits of Crutches

  • They are lightweight and hence easy to navigate with.
  • They are usable on all types of terrain. Crutches can be used on rocks, sand, and gravel.
  • They allow you to move quickly if your upper body is strong.
  • When using crutches, weight is lifted from the broken leg to the other leg.
  • Because crutches require effort, they help you exercise. A broken foot limits physical exercise that is essential for physical and emotional well-being.
  • Crutches are easy to carry when traveling. They can fit in the trunk of a majority of vehicles.
  • Crutches are inexpensive and affordable for many people. In addition, they are easily accessible in local medical stores and online stores like Amazon.

Demerits of Crutches

  • When using crutches, the whole body weight is carried on the armpits. The armpits are a sensitive part of the body that is not used to strain and carrying vast weight. Therefore, carrying the body weight in the armpits has the capacity to cause irritation and bruising.
  • Due to holding up the weight on the armpits, crutches cause strain in the shoulders, back, and wrist.
  • Crutches require an adjustment period whereby you get used to them. The first few days may be challenging and walking with crutches may feel strenuous but it gets better with time. Climbing up and down the stairs may be a difficult task until you get used to the crutches.
  • While using crutches, your hands are occupied and hence it is challenging to perform other tasks with your hands such as opening and closing doors and holding items.

Both crutches and knee scooters have their merits and demerits. However, the bottom line is that the two options provide ambulation for people with a broken leg and other leg injuries.

Despite its limitations, a knee scooter is a perfect choice for someone with a broken leg. There are compelling reasons to choose a knee scooter over a crutch. Some of the reasons include stability and durability, pain-free transport, better weight distribution, easy transport, speed, low energy demand, and an attractive design.

Also, knee scooters are a perfect alternative to crutches that are easy to use and help you to be physically active without affecting your recovery. While crutches keep you going, a knee scooter helps you enjoy life while doing so. A broken leg should not make you miss out, just use a knee scooter.