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2020 is here. It’s a new year and a new decade and business leaders around the world are thinking about how to make this their most productive year yet.

In packaging, flexible and eco friendly packaging is set to experience huge growth and be a defining trend for the year. Understanding why can help you make smarter decisions for your business this year.

The Benefits of Flexible Pouches

Compared to rigid packaging, flexible pouches have a lot to offer any business. These benefits have primed this type of packaging for serious growth in 2020:

  • Low-Cost Transportation and Storage: Every business that produces packaged goods, especially perishable goods, needs to maintain a supply of packaging ready for use. With rigid packaged, this can be expensive because a large amount of space is used up by gaps. Conversely, flexible pouches are highly efficient in both storage and transportation.
  • Freshness: Plastic pouches are very effective for sealing the freshness of food. For example, they make excellent jerky packaging. They protect the food from air and moisture and allow features such as zipper openings that let consumers reseal the package. Pouches offer superior freshness protection compared to most types of packaging.
  • Eye-Catching: You likely want your products to stand out on the shelf. Flexible pouches offer a more premium, attention-grabbing look compared to conventional packaging options. Additionally, they can be digitally printed with vibrant colors and high-definition designs. That helps brands achieve more success at the point of purchase.
  • Customizable: As mentioned above, flexible pouches can have added features such as zippers. Other options include bottom and side gussets, tear notches, hang holes and more. Brands can offer a better experience to customers through customized packaging.

For these reasons and more, brands are turning to flexible pouches as a better way to package their goods. Each of these benefits can have a noticeable impact on the bottom line.


Today, consumers are more concerned about environmentally friendly packaging than ever before. They know that our modern economy impacts the world around us, and they want to see brands that take these issues seriously.

Flexible pouches are more sustainable than other common options. For example, in snack packaging, materials such as glass, aluminum and rigid PET require two to 33 times as much weight in packaging to contain the same amount of product.

That means significantly more resources used to package the goods. Flexible pouches also require less energy to produce.

Additionally, as mentioned above, the transportation requirements are significantly lower. This has an environmental impact as much as it does a cost impact.

A single truck of empty flexible pouches can provide as much packaging volume as 26 trucks of glass jars. Flexible pouches are the more environmentally friendly option.

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Discover more about flexible packaging and why it is primed to be the most defining trend of packaging in 2020. From eco-friendliness to better on-shelf performance, there is a lot to love about flexible pouches.

This could be the best decision you make for your product and business this year. Don’t wait to get started with this trend.