Japanese Food

The once kept secret is all out now as far as the Japanese cuisine is concerned. It was a slow but steady process which has taken the whole gourmet world in its grip and everyone wants to try some or other Japanese dishes or would like to visit a restaurant with family and friends to try out what it tastes like.

It is becoming so fashionable that many of us want to have a taste of the original Japanese food at least once in their lifetime and to experience the delicate way the food is cooked and the beautiful platters that are arranged to catch your very eye.

The experience

Many individuals want to try and taste the Japanese food not just for the taste or the half done fish but to experience the way it is presented o the visitor.

The cuisine fits every syllable of the saying that you eat with your eyes first! When you are in Jakarta, the best food you should try is Japanese food at the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.

Just like other exotic and well kept locations, Jakarta too has taken up the challenge of opening the Japanese food service. Served in small bite sized quantities, that will not mess with the atmosphere and the ambience of the restaurant arranged with the Japanese theme is quite welcome anywhere in the world.

The variety

The variety that is on offer at the Japanese restaurants is quite wide and there are authentic cuisines served alongside a cross cultural theme as well.

The ramen noodles that are prepared so thin when compared with other places is very unique and innovative that it is easy for the person to eat and not feel bloated.

The starters are so many to choose which include the tempura in many forms such as the camembert cheese tempura, the sweet corn tempura, the beef teppan with garlic and cheese sauce.

It is quite interesting to note that the vegetarians need not feel left out as there are endless varieties of vegetarian dishes as well.

The ambience

The ambience of the place stands out and which is totally related to Japanese culture. The serving bowls and the cutlery and the serving dishes are all given infinite attention to translate everything here as it would be had it been in Japan itself.

The cuisine

Served in the classic Japanese way, each bowl contains piping hot ramen at its thinnest and best, where you will find spring onions decorating the bowl from one side, and the lentils from another angle, the white sauce with a dash of floating thin layer of oil is sure to bring your taste buds to try them.

Each of the dishes is explained fully as to what are the ingredients used, how it is cooked.

The dishes are served piping hot as any Japanese food would be submerged in varieties of broths and decorated with the choicest herbs, and the miso sauce which is balances the sweetness of the broth.

Both vegetarian and meat products are combined in a carefully balanced manner and not overpowering the first timer. Names such karaka men, akamarushinaji and others sound so new yet tempting to the pallet.

Here ramen noodles are a staple as many of the dishes would have them along with the broth made of meat such as pork, or beef cooked in garlic oil which again quite new to those other than the Japanese.

If you want to have an experience of the authentic Japanese food, you must try the best Japanese restaurant in Jakarta while you go around in Jakarta.