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Is There any Way to Reverse Male Pattern Baldness?


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Many men see baldness as an inevitable part of ageing, but for some, especially those who go bald at an early age, it can be an embarrassment. It may mean they avoid social situations, or try to cover their head when possible.


However, there are treatment options available that have a high success rate, meaning that men don’t have to see baldness as an inevitability any more.

Prescription medication

Although there are many shampoos and other over the counter remedies available, there’s often no evidence that these things work, or offer much in the way of results.

That’s why many men are looking at prescription treatments, and using Propecia tablets daily to reverse the effects of baldness. With visible results in over 90% of men, this treatment can take three to six months to show results, so it can be taken in the long term.

Simple treatment

Propecia is a simple treatment, just one tablet a day is required, and it works by blocking a hormone in your body called dihydrotestosterone. Testosterone converts into dihydrotestosterone, which can stop healthy follicles from developing, and this is why more men go bald than women.

All your treatment will involve is taking one pill a day over several months, but you need to be patient when taking Propecia. It can take up to a year for the drug to work, and if you’ve taken it for this long without a result, it’s worth discussing with a doctor whether it’s right for you.

However, in 90% of cases, you should eventually see improvement. Once you stop taking the drug, hair loss usually resumes within about six months, and so it’s something that needs to be taken long term.


Propecia works better on certain types of men than others, and it’s usually prescribed to:

  • Men aged 18 to 41
  • Those with male pattern baldness – as opposed to other issues that cause baldness
  • Those committed to taking it daily in the long term
  • Men with mild to moderate hair loss

Because of its high success rate for this group, men who have gone bald while still young, it’s becoming a very popular drug.

Ordering online

Propecia is a prescription drug, so you won’t be able to buy it over the counter. You’ll need a consultation with a doctor to get it, and this could be your own doctor or a qualified professional online. Because it’s not available on the NHS, you will need to pay for it at a private rate, although buying bigger packs can often work out cheaper per pill.


Hair loss can be embarrassing for men, especially when it starts at a young age, but luckily there are ways to reverse male pattern baldness. Drugs such as Propecia can slow down hair loss, and help you get thicker, healthier hair that helps you feel more youthful.

By simply taking a daily tablet for a few months, you could see an improvement in the look of your hair, and can feel more confident in your day to day life.

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