Pediatric Orthodontics

If your kid has bite irregularities, you can take them for orthodontic treatment since it helps correct such irregularities. Some factors that trigger biting irregularities include losing primary or baby teeth early, poor oral habits like developmental issues and thumb sucking, and more. 

However, orthodontic treatment plays a key role in restoring the teeth and bite to their rightful healthy position. The goal of treatment is to have teeth that fit together well when you smile. Skilled orthodontists understand that every case is different, and orthodontic treatment plans are individualized to meet the needs of each patient. 

Why is Early Orthodontic Treatment Important?

Early orthodontic treatment can ensure the best possible results. For instance, straight teeth give you a healthy smile and boost self-confidence. It is important to take care of your child’s teeth and gums to prepare them for life as an adult. As your child’s permanent teeth start to come in, they may cause their baby teeth to fall out. Your child may need orthodontic treatment if they have severe crowding, lost baby teeth too early, or has gaps between their teeth. Pediatric Orthodontics will help prevent problems from happening and can even correct many existing issues.

Here are some reasons why the earlier orthodontic treatment is done in children and how you can benefit from it.

Helps Restore Smile

Early orthodontic treatment is the foundation of a beautiful smile that lasts a lifetime. Achieving the best possible results starts with making the right decisions during orthodontic treatment.

Problems are Identified and Fixed Earlier

Children are more likely to outgrow some of their orthodontic problems early, so we can help get them back on track before it’s too late. Plus, children who receive early orthodontic treatment tend to experience less discomfort throughout their treatment.

Helps Straighten Teeth

Early orthodontic treatment can make it easier for you to have straighter teeth. Talk to your dentist to learn more.

Easier to Fix Growing Teeth

Early orthodontic treatment in children is important because it allows orthodontists to make adjustments to the child’s growing and developing mouth before issues arise. The earlier treatment starts, the easier it is for parents, children, and family members.

Helps to Improve Self-Confidence

Early orthodontic treatment can help children achieve beautiful smiles and boost self-confidence. As soon as a baby’s teeth start to erupt, a child should visit their orthodontist. Early orthodontic treatment is a procedure in which the dentist straightens teeth, corrects spacing, closes gaps, or corrects bite problems.

Prevents Speech Problems

Early orthodontic treatment prevents speech problems in kids. Do your kids have a lisp? Have you noticed them sticking their tongues out or making fun of the way someone else talks? Speech problems are a common problem for children. However, there is good news. Early orthodontic treatment will often help prevent these issues from ever becoming a problem for your child.

Keep in mind that your child’s teeth are very sensitive, especially before they are fully developed. The problem is that these teeth develop quicker than their surrounding bone. This may lead to your child experiencing speech problems such as lisping, snoring, and more. Early orthodontic treatment will correct jaw and tooth misalignment to keep your child’s teeth healthy and their speech normal.

Lessens the Risk of Jawbone, Gum, or Tooth Injury

Did you know that by starting orthodontic treatment as soon as their first baby tooth comes in, children may reduce their risk of sustaining a jawbone, gum, or tooth injury? With the correct treatment and regular check-ups by a skilled orthodontic, your child could have a straight smile. 

Simply put, early orthodontic treatment is not just cosmetic. It can often help prevent jawbone, gum, or tooth injury—not to mention the unattractive appearance caused by crowded teeth. 

Enhance Proper Alignment of Teeth

A straight and beautiful smile will result if a child’s jaw grows at the same rate as their upper and lower teeth. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in many children. An attractive smile can be achieved by increasing your child’s jaw development with the orthodontic treatment offered. Orthodontics aims to correct various problems that cause misalignment of teeth, enhance proper alignment of teeth, and improve bite relationships.

Enhance Good Looks

Bad teeth aren’t just unfashionable — they can make some people avoid smiling or stop talking altogether. Bland smiles aren’t so helpful at children’s gatherings, birthday party or meeting someone special. With orthodontic treatment, your kid can enjoy compliments on their smile instead of hearing comments on their crooked teeth.

Orthodontic Treatment Options

Your orthodontist can use different strategies to achieve a beautiful, straight smile. Some include;


Invisalign is a clear and removable orthodontic appliance for treating an imperfect smile. Applying more than 1.5 million new forces to teeth in only 12 weeks, Invisalign will have your child smiling confidently in no time.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a popular and effective option for correcting misalignment of the teeth in children. They get rid of the need for metal brackets, wires, tooth-colored fillings, and elastics, and they look better.

Traditional Braces

Orthodontic treatment with kids and teenagers has never been easier. Traditional braces in kids or teens involve inserting metal brackets and wires between the teeth, which can be time-consuming for both dentist and patient. Note that Z-Braces are a unique, easy alternative to braces that uses discreet clear retainers to help realign crooked teeth. Made from completely transparent and hypoallergenic materials, Z-Braces retainers allow for visually-improved smiles without discomfort. Made for adults and used by kids, Z-Braces are a safe, hygienic, simple way to straighten teeth fast. 

Lingual Braces

This is a great treatment for kids with crowded teeth. Lingual braces are the best possible way to straighten teeth with a wire on the back of their teeth. These braces are very hard to notice, and if your child plays sports or brushes multiple times a day, they’ll have no problem with this type of treatment.

Finally, orthodontic treatment is one of the top 10 most requested procedures nationwide. Actually, the braces can have a great impact on your kid’s smile. It isn’t just about teeth straightening. It’s about helping kids achieve healthy smiles and confidence for a lifetime.

The right treatment at the right time can fix problems, improve eating and speaking habits, and help make you more confident. And orthodontic treatment doesn’t need to be painful or uncomfortable.