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Is it Possible to Exercise Too Much?

Though exercising and staying fit is very important, you might wonder if it’s actually possible to exercise too much. For instance, can you over-exert your body and end up causing an injury?

The Importance of Working Out

In order to stay fit and healthy, it’s important to exercise or work out. To stay fit, you must stay active. Of course, there are several different ways to stay active.

These ways may include, but are not limited to: running, swimming, cycling, playing a sport, etc. Whether practiced indoors or outdoors, participating in some form of movement is vital.

Stretching Before Working Out

Before you decide to partake in a sport or workout regime, you should always stretch. Stretching not only gets your blood flowing and your joint and muscles moving, but the task also increases your heart rate.

By taking 15 to 20 minutes prior to exercise to do a few simple warm ups i.e. leg pulls, arms over head, twisting from side to side, walking or light running, etc., you could potentially prevent an injury from taking place.

It’s noted that if you don’t stretch or warm up before taking part in a physical activity, you stand a greater chance of sustaining an injury. For instance, your body needs time to prepare and get ready for the physical exertion that is about to take place.

Runners who avoid stretching could experience knee problems, while baseball players who don’t warm up could experience arm problems.

Avoiding Injuries

Though there is no certain way to completely avoid an injury, there are different ways to possibly lower your chances of experiencing an injury.

As mentioned, stretching and warming up are important, as is wearing the appropriate accessories or equipment i.e. knee braces or wraps, shin guards, etc., using the right techniques, and more.

However, there is another way to avoid sports-related injuries, specifically, knee pain and knee problems.

Though it may seem simple, stopping the activity when experiencing pain is the most important thing you can do.

If you’re running or jumping and suddenly feel an uncomfortable feeling in your leg, thigh, or knee, then the best thing you can do is stop and rest. Listen to your body when it speaks to you. It’s important to heal so the issue doesn’t get worse.

Because there is no right or wrong amount of exercise you can do, you have to listen and be aware of your body’s condition and the signs. If you’re overdoing it, your body will definitely let you know.

If this happens, then it’s important to rest, apply ice to the injury, elevate the injury (if it’s the knee or leg), use wraps and compressions, avoid usage of the injured area, and try and stay stress-free. Other methods to recover could result in you taking medication and/or seeing your doctor.

Though it’s very important to stay fit and active, it’s also vital to take care of your body. No one else can or will take care of your body the way that you can.

Listen and look for potential warning signs that you may be acting too physical, and then seek healing methods before the condition worsens.

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