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Is It Possible for Your Toddler to Have Herpes?

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Sometimes people have cold sores when they have a fever, or it just randomly appears on their lips. Which makes us wonder, is cold sore really a sign of cold or flu? What if there is more to these blisters on your lips?

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The truth is cold sores are very common, and they are a sign that you have Herpes. But what if your toddler wakes up with these cold sore?  Don’t be afraid; it’s not as bad as you think.

There are so many sexually transmitted diseases out there, and of them all, herpes has proven to be the most mysterious. There is so much confusion about how the herpes simplex virus actually affects the body and how it indeed is. Yes, you can have herpes without engaging in sexual intercourse.

While having a cold sore is a confirmation that you have a form of the herpes virus, you are not alone in that boat because almost half the population of the United States of America has one form or another of the herpes virus too.

Types of herpes

HSV-1/ Oral Herpes

The HSV-1 types of herpes cause cold sore in the mouth area thus some people call it oral herpes. It can also cause cold sores around your genital area, and the outbreak decreases in frequency over time.

More than half of humans have it by adulthood, and it can be transmitted by sharing a cup, oral sex, and kissing.

HSV-2/genital Herpes

The HSV-2 type of herpes also causes cold sores around the mouth but and triggers sores near, or on the genital area. The outbreak also decreases in frequency over time and is transmitted over through the skin to skin sexual relations.

It is a common form of STI but not a more common type of herpes than its baby sister, the HSV-2 kind of herpes.

But My Five-year-old Has Herpes, How Come?

While that may sound strange, it is very possible, and lots of people have reported cases of cold sores around their kid’s mouth area. Such situations occur because herpes can be transmitted by sharing of utensils such as spoons or cups with infected persons, or even an innocent kiss from a friendly infected relative.

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So, while it is true that the two types of herpes can be transmitted through sex (Including oral sex), sexual intercourse is not the only way the infection travels. See a doctor with your child for proper medical attention.

I Haven’t Had a Cold Sore Outbreak in Years, Is It Possible That My Herpes Is Gone? Sorry to tell you this, but currently there is no cure for herpes, so once it gets into your system, it finds a way to hand in there for life.

However, some people go years between sores and others who experience frequent outbreaks. Many people who have the HSV-1 condition may not experience an eruption more than once in their lifetime, so it all boils down to your kind of body.

How Can I Differentiate a Cold Sore from a Giant Pimple?

Cold sores hurt more than zits. Before cold sores show up on the surface, you should feel a pain on the area they are about to show up in.

Also, pimples can show up anywhere they deem fit, but cold sores only show up around the lip area and can sometimes appear to be a fluid-filled blister before it pops and eventually scabs over and can last for about a week.

For some people, cold sores don’t appear in blister forms; their outbreaks come looking like a chapped area on the lip.

I Just Noticed Cold Sores Around My Mouth Area, What Should I Do?

Visit your doctor and get tested so you can know what type of herpes you are dealing with.

That you have cold sores shouldn’t affect your daily activities in any way as it is not the kind of infection that can be transmitted when you mix up with people (unless you want to go around kissing everyone and forcing them to drink from your cup or eat with your spoon).

Once you have determined the kind of herpes you have, then you can try doing these tips below to help you heal fast.

If the sore is in your mouth area, hold a damp cloth over it several times daily. The wet towel can help you reduce the sting, reduce redness, and control scabbing of the area. If you have Vaseline, it is also an excellent way to reduce the stinging sensation too.

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Just rub a little quantity over the sore, and you are good to go. If you are a make-up lover, it is very OK to put some makeup over the wounds but remember to wash your hands and all make-up materials with warm soapy water after use.

Avoid picking the area with your hand or makeup brushes as that will slow down the healing process. If you get outbreaks frequently, consult your doctor and ask for the right medicine to use. And avoid kissing people or sipping from your friends and family member’s coffee until your sores heal so you don’t get them infected as well.

If the sore is in your genital area, use a damp cloth to help reduce the pain and speed up the healing process. It might hurt to pee, and if that happens, take a pee in the shower. Taking a pee in the shower dilutes the fluid, so it hurts less.

There are over the counter drugs and creams that can help speed up the healing process and control the frequency of outbreaks, but you need to consult your doctor before you purchase or use any of those.

In the meantime, stay away from sexual activities and explain to your partner why it is the best option for the both of you till you finally heal.

How Soon Should I Get Tested When I Have an Outbreak?

If this is your first outbreak of cold sores, you should see your doctor immediately and run some tests. It is nothing serious or painful, just a quick swab or blood test and you are done.

However, even if you have never had cold sores, it is advisable to run regular STI/STD tests if you have been sexually active. It doesn’t matter whether you have had sex with only one person or you use protection regularly; you need to get yourself checked.

Should I Tell People About My Condition?

You don’t necessarily need to tell the world that you have herpes; only the significant people need to know. By significant people, I mean people who would get offended if you don’t drink from their cups or let them drink from your, and people who you have sex with or kiss.

The reason why you need to tell them is so that they do not accuse you of intentionally infecting them. It is their right to know, and it would be wrong for you to share a disease with someone out of personal interest.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.
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