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Is it Healthy To Eat Organic Beef Jerky ?

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Contrary to popular belief, one of the healthiest lean meats you can eat is organic beef jerky. Provided that the jerky is made with organic beef, i.e. grass fed beef that has not been treated with any antibiotics or hormones, then it is definitely very healthy.

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Jerky made with organic beef happens to be high in protein and low in fat, while it does not contain any MSG, nitrites or preservatives. Unlike what many vegans and vegetarians tend to claim, it is very healthy to eat organic meat.

Jerky made with organic beef has a very high nutritional value in comparison to caloric value, which means that while consuming fewer calories, you can gain the same nutrients, minerals and vitamins. This means that you can eat it without any concerns if you are trying to lose weight.

Health Advantages Of Organic Beef Jerky

Many people are under the misconception that beef jerky is a meat that is not healthy to eat and is loaded with preservatives. However, this is not the case.

Instead of preservatives, beef jerky tends to be loaded with protein and contrary to popular belief; it will never raise your insulin level, especially when it is made with organic beef. Insulin is the hormone that signals the human body to store fat. This means that if you are trying to lose weight, you can eat it as a snack in between meals.

Although some brands pack their beef jerky with high-sodium ingredients, this is not the case with Golden Valley Natural. If you are worried about the sodium content of the beef jerky you are considering eating, you can always read the label to find out whether or not it is made from all-natural ingredients.

In particular, beef jerky that is made from organic beef does not contain any preservatives whatsoever since it is made from grass-fed, lean beef. It has been proven by research that unlike products that are made with grain-fed beef, organic feed actually contains the same healthy omega-3 fatty acids that are present in fish.

Technically, beef jerky is raw meat, which means that two major benefits are offered by it:
The process of preparing beef jerky includes the removal of fat and moisture from the meat, which makes it an ideal source of protein that is 97% free of fat.

It is much easier to digest raw meat than cooked meat. This means that after you are done eating organic beef jerky, your body will gain nutrients more quickly and you will not feel as sluggish as long as you usually do after eating a meal. Moreover, if you have a tender stomach, you will not upset it by eating jerky made from organic beef, since it is basically less-cooked meat.

As a result of the cooking processes, meats tend to collect harmful substances but this does not happen in the case of jerky made with organic beef. For instance, harmful substances are produced when vegetable oil is heated and these harmful substances are absorbed by and drain into the food

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Brands of today are doing their best to produce organic beef jerky just the way the Incan Native American descendants, who happen to be the inventors of beef jerky. Considering the above dietary benefits, beef jerky (especially when made with organic beef) is quite healthy.

Organic Beef Jerky
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Organic Beef Jerky
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