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Is Antibiotics are Safe to buy Without any Prescription

Antibiotics are a type of prescription medicines that help us fight against bacteria. There are both good and bad bacteria existing in our environment. While the good bacteria are helpful to our body, the bad ones can cause illness or produce infection.

Antibiotics are meant to fight these bad bacteria. Available in the oral, topical and in the form of injections, antibiotics are an effective, safe and convenient way to fight bacterial infections.

Antibiotics generally cannot be bought over the counter as they need a valid prescription. This is so because antibiotics are meant to fight off infection which could be of varying types. Improper usage of the drug can result in serious damage to the patient’s health and worsening of the problem due to the administration of a wrong drug.

However, there are certain antibiotics that are available in the topical form and can be easily purchased online. Moreover, if you take care to buy the over the counter antibiotics from the few recommended online pharmacies, it is extremely safe.

Buy Over the Counter Antibiotics

Available in the topical or ointment form Neosporin and Bacitrin are two types of over the counter antibiotics and they are easily available online. The medicines are known to kill bacteria and help in healing the wounds. Continuous application of the ointments on the wound helps in leaving a lesser visible scar. They also help in repairing cuts, scrapes and skinned knees.

It must be noted that you must use the topical antibiotic ointment on the wound after thoroughly cleansing the wound. If the wound is grievous and there is profuse bleeding, then you must consult a physician. However, you can use the topical antibiotics in case of minor injuries to reduce the risk of infection.

Besides the mentioned antibiotics, there are a host of others that are also available online. However, you need to buy them according to their bacteria fighting capability.

Buying Medicines Online is Convenient

With the increase in the cost of prescription medication, patients look for ways that can help them cut down on their medical expenses to some extent. These include shopping for the best deals on medicines across different pharmacies, deals on over-the-counter medicines and other medical supplies.

Buying medicines and other medical supplies online is not only safe but it is also very convenient. You can get your entire month’s supplies ordered and delivered at your doorstep. This not only maintains a sense of confidentiality but is also very convenient. There is no need to stand in long queues and wait for your turn at the neighborhood pharmacy. You can easily order your supplies online and get them delivered as and when you require.

Purchasing medications including antibiotics online is convenient for patients that are home bound or dependent on others. They can easily order their medical supplies at any time of the day. Moreover, with increasing competition amongst online pharmacies, getting good discounts should not be a problem.

A word of Caution

Although buying medicines online is safe, you need to exercise caution. You should always buy your prescription and non-prescription medicines from a well known, reputed and popular online pharmacy. You must first check the credentials of the website, its accreditation and authentication certificates before ordering any medicines.

In addition, because you need to divulge your personal, financial and medical information, you need to ascertain that the website that you have chosen is genuine, reliable and offers authentic medical supplies.

Therefore, you must always check the credential of the website, take reviews from customers that have purchased from the online store and conduct different verification checks to ensure authenticity of the medicines to-be-supplied and confidentiality of the personal data given.

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