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Interesting things about Teeth and Dental Hygiene

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In today’s world to have completely healthy teeth remains a true rarity. The food we eat, everyday stress, unhealthy lifestyle, and many will agree and question the credibility of the product of modern pharmaceutical industry greatly affect the quality and health of our teeth.

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While we are children our teeth are still being developed, but as adults, we’re not sure if we have more dental fillings, artificial teeth or healthy teeth.

Why are teeth and saliva so important, and how to protect them?

Teeth function is of a great importance due to the fact that we use them to better grind food and make it easier digest. It is a big misconception that the digesting of food starts in the stomach. Even when chewing food this creates a certain amount of saliva that contains various enzymes. Alpha amylase is another important enzyme, which is located in the saliva.

This enzyme breaks down starch into smaller molecules which are then used by the body’s cells for energy. The conclusion imposes itself, the more you chew the food the better digestion and stronger teeth you have. Many nutritionists agree that insufficiently chewed food is one of the main causes of obesity.

As well as aiding digestion, probably one of the most important roles of saliva it to protect teeth from decay. It contains certain antibacterial substances and minerals with mucus lining the teeth and prevents tooth decay.

The old Taoists state that tongue exercises also produce a certain amount of saliva, and thereby also protect our teeth from decay. Once you have started to move your tongue outside the mouth (down, up, to the left, and then to the right), perform the movements inside the mouth.

The exercises consist of moving the tongue at the palate back and forth, and then circling the outer side of the tongue teeth 12-36 times on one side and the other side of the inside of the teeth. These tongue movements will stimulate the glands that secrete saliva.

One more effective method is the agitation of sunflower oil. In the morning when we wake up we can feel an unpleasant odor from our mouths. The reason is our body’s natural need to cleanse itself of toxins while we sleep.

As during sleep oxygen consumption declines, toxins accumulate in our mouth, including the tongue and of course the teeth. Before breakfast brush your teeth, take a small amount of unrefined sunflower oil (about how much fits the bottle cap) and agitate 10 minutes, until the oil does not turn into a white froth. Then spit it out, wash out with water and clean the tongue with a scraper or a spoon.

Sunflower oil will draw the toxins that have accumulated overnight. As a replacement we use olive or sesame oil, but it must be refined. Then wash teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste.

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Toothpaste, poison or medicine

In recent years, the question of whether the toothpaste that can be found on store shelves is credible and healthy for our teeth. Probably the most arouses suspicion is a chemical element of fluorine, which is an integral part of any conventional toothpaste.

Specifically, the fluorine elemental (which is normally considered extremely toxic) in an isolated form is rarely found in nature, but when it binds to other elements compounds called fluorides occur. Fluoride found in typical toothpaste, are less toxic than fluorine, but 2 grams are enough to kill an adult. In the periodic table the chemical fluoride by its toxicity lies somewhere between arsenic and lead.

Except the fluoride which can be found in classical toothpaste it can be found in many other elements such as sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), which is a detergent and makes foam, so imagine that you are using a washing powder to wash your teeth, then saccharin, triclosan, hydrated silica, which is also associated with tumor formation, allergic reactions, damage to eyes, brain etc.

Some of these elements, such as pyrophosphate have hideous taste or do not dissolve easily therefore much flavor is added to the toothpaste to cover it up, while the dissolution of pyrophosphate is solved by adding certain detergents.

If you do not want to use conventional toothpastes you can consider and use some natural methods such as dental floss, green tea (no sugar), or you can make your own toothpaste.

Make your own toothpaste

Remember that the one that washes your teeth is the brush, not the toothpaste. It is enough to put a pinch of cinnamon on your toothbrush and to brush your teeth. You can try the following natural recipe: 1 pinch of salt, 1 pinch of baking soda, and mix with a little honey until it turns into a paste.

At first you will have a salty taste in your mouth, but when the teeth are well rinsed, a refreshing feeling remains … and naturally healthy teeth.

Teeth Whitening
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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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