How do you think it is easy to live with diabetes? But only a diabetic knows the truth.
Diabetes is one of the top 10 the most horrible diseases in the world. It starts due to lack of insulin hormone in human body. The level of sugar in the blood increases and, if it is holding high for a long period of time, causes a huge amount of problems with health.

Among them are diseases of heart, veins, nerves, eyes, skin, kidneys and liver. If diabetic doesn’t take insulin at all, it can even lead to coma and death. There are 30 millions of people suffering from diabetes just in the USA. But the world statistic is much worse — 420 million of the whole world population are diabetics.

Insulin is a vital medicine for diabetics, but in the USA its prices are pretty high. For 5 pens of Humalog you have to pay about 250 dollars. And every month one diabetic spent on insulin some about 400–450 dollars.

It seems normal to the average US salary, which is more than $3800. But what a simple salesperson has to do with that prices with 2200 dollars income? Life in the USA isn’t cheap and you have to spent a quarter of your money just to be alive! It’s a bit unfairly, don’t you think so?

But there is a great way out even for people with low income. Because insulin in Canada costs more than 2 times less, than in the USA. For example, 5 pens of Lantus or its analogue cost 110 dollars. Why is that? Let’s have a closer look.

Insulin from canadian pharmacies: is it safe and high quality?

Canadian insulin has no distinctions with american by chemical structure. But there are serious differences in productions methods.

In the USA insulin is produced with the help of special bacteria with human gene inside. It makes perfect analogue of human insulin. But this process takes time, so at the result the final price of hormone is high.

In Canada pharmacies derive insulin from cattle pancreas. This method is much older and a few times cheaper, than bacterial. It allows to produce large amounts of hormone without any expensive chemical transformations. After a few stages of cleaning insulin is ready to use. So 90% of world insulin medicine is made by that way. But it’s considered, that recombination technology is a bit more pure, so all US pharmacies prefer it.

The thing is that quality of cattle insulin and recombinant one is equal. So there is no difference which one to use. But what to you have to do if there is no cheap american insulin?

There is the easy way for americans to save their money and get high-quality insulin. Order it from Canada. And you don’t even have to go there — just make your order online! Buying insulin abroad is the perfect way to save your money, but only 8% of US citizens do it. Do you think, that is difficult? No, this is pretty easy!

By the way, ordering medicine abroad in completely legal. US laws allow to buy drugs abroad if they are not prohibited to use on the US territory. Canadian legislation also allows companies to sell medicine to a foreign countries.

So there are no borders to make an order and save your money.  Here is the plan of action:

  • Visit It’s a reliable site where you are able to buy any type of insulin drug you take.
  • Carefully read the agreement and set the type of medicine you need to order and its amount. Don’t forget to put your name and address into the application form. Remember, that the package from Canada would be delivered in 1.5 month, so always have a few packs of drugs in reserve.
  • Pay for your order with your credit card. And that’s all. By the way, you can track where your order is if you want.

You need just 15 minutes to make an order. And it will be delivered right to your home. Order insulin from Canada and save a few thousands dollars per year. Good proposition, isn’t it? So follow the link and use it now.