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Are You Injury Prone? Maybe Your Problem is Biomechanical

Biomechanics is the application of the forces and their effects on the movement and balance of the body. It is classified into the categories of intrinsic or extrinsic biomechanics.

Intrinsic biomechanics involves studying how the body moves relative to the mechanical structure. On the other hand, extrinsic biomechanics checks at the movements of the human body and comes up with the best ways of doing the movements.

If your injury is caused by biomechanical problems, the following ways can help you solve it.

Functional Training

Functional training involves making your body move in patterns that makes many muscles activate. For instance, squatting is a functional pattern that makes many body parts, thus many muscles, such as the hips, knees, and ankles move.

This is in contrast to movements such as a simple bicep curl, bending an arm while holding a weight, which only makes one body part, the arm, move.

For more information regarding functional training, check out this Positivehealth.com article on biomechanics for sports training.

Rehabilitation and Management of Injury

There are many experienced professionals who are able to diagnose and treat injuries. They understand biomechanics, including how structures in the body relate biomechanically.

For example, knowing that the shoulder can cause injuries to the lower part of the back and the neck makes such therapists able to effectively manage injuries.

Taping and Bracing

Tapes and braces can correct problems associated with biomechanics and allow you to continue with your normal duties or sports without any problems.

For example, physiotherapy specialists from companies such as Physiomobility in Don Mills and others use braces and tapes to enable you to rehabilitate your muscles and obtain improved stability.

Biomechanical Screening

There are many causes of biomechanical injuries, including inadequate movement of pertinent structures and poor training. Biomechanical screening will enable you to know the errors in your structures and any detect irregularities in your muscles.

These will help you take appropriate actions and reduce the risks of injuries.

Understanding the Best Technique

Physical training can benefit from specialized techniques. Therefore, if you are a physical trainee with a biomechanical problem, knowing the best movement technique will prevent you from developing more injuries.

For example, if your upper back or shoulders have biomechanical problems, try not to load through your shoulders while bench pressing as this increases the risk of creating more injuries.

If biomechanical problems cause your injuries, you can solve them easily with a little information and guidance and continue with your normal duties.

You need to understand the principles behind your biomechanical problem, screen it, and know the kind of exercises to do and how to do them. Remember to occasionally visit a therapist or trainer to help you with your problem and monitor progress.

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