Superfoods are everywhere these days – if they’re not on your own shopping list, you’ll undoubtedly have seen them advertised in your local supermarket or heard about them through other means. Goji berries, wheat grass, quinoa; the list goes on. So what makes foods super? And, do these types of food really deserve all the attention and hype they get?

Our infographic aims to answer the above questions. We look at the claims made about some of the most popular superfoods like goji berries, quinoa and acai berries, and ask if they are justified. Take quinoa for example, the South American super grain is said to contain up to 18 per cent more protein than any other grain, and amino acids to build muscle and body tissue.

On the other hand, quinoa also contains potentially gut-irritating saponins and lectins. These can cause gas and bloating after eating. Also, consider the popular superfood, goji berry. Surprisingly, the BDA argues that you would need to drink 13 servings of goji berry juice to get as many antioxidants as you’d find in one red apple. We uncover more hard to swallow truths about superfoods in our infographic.

We also provide a list of the “real superfoods” or “powerhouse fruits and vegetables” as ranked by the experts –researchers at William Paterson University, New Jersey. Finally, find out what superfoods are trending at the moment. Everything from bee pollen to brussel kalemakes the list!

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