Knowing how to avoid office sickness is necessary for every single office manager out there but such information is also important for the employees. The infographic presented here offers all the main information that is needed in order to take the right steps to prevent the sickness from spreading.

Statistics show that the US economy currently loses $225.8 billion every single year due to health related LPT. Work performance is reduced and most of the firms do not do all they could in order to protect the business from LPTs. The infographic does offer information that you can use in order to improve the health inside your office and avoid sickness. As an example, you can easily implement a flu shot system that can help you on the long run.

Desk sanitation is also necessary and you would need to be really careful with every single solution that you implement. The health at the office infographic is going to help you much more than you think.

We are faced with various stats that can be used in the future and what is really interesting is that the data listed also includes practical solutions to office sickness problems. Making the sick employees stay at home is only the first thing that you can do.

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