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Tips to Increase IVF Pregnancy Success Rate


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IVF pregnancy success rate depends upon the women’s age and physiological factors along with the IVF treatment centres, IVF treatment destination, IVF technology and IVF technique been used.


An IVF treatment destination needs to be chosen very carefully as IVF is quite expensive and one cannot compromise on the treatment quality as well. One can choose IVF treatment destinations like US, UK, India, Turkey and other such countries as they are most preferred destinations.

India is the most preferred destination for IVF treatment as the IVF cost and treatment quality of the IVF centre along with the success rate in India is very high as there are highly qualified IVF doctors in all the major cities of India like at IVF centre in Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi.

This is the percentage indicator of the success rate of IVF:

Women’s ageSuccess rate
36 years30.3%
36–38 years32.8%
38–41 years28.5%
41–44 years22.3%
44–47 years12.6%

Below listed are the tips to increase IVF success rate naturally

Have a roadmap

Have a roadmap picture in front of you before undergoing IVF. An IVF cycle takes around 6-7 weeks from the beginning of ultrasounds to the transfer of the embryo(s). It is ideal to use any supplements 3 months prior to beginning any IVF cycle. Herbs and other supplements should not be used while on IVF cycle as it difficult to find out how they will react with the medications.

It is advised to take at least 3 months to prepare for IVF pregnancy as the cycle of the egg is 90 days. What you eat, drink and breathe with the blood pressure levels and stress levels have an effect on the health of the egg. Food consumed now will impact the egg which will ovulate or harvested after three months.

Fertility Massage

It’s a natural therapy that can help to prepare for IVF procedure and pregnancy. Traditional massages are beneficial to regulate blood circulation and to reduce stress. Fertility massage helps to increase the proper blood circulation for the reproductive system. It supports a healthy ovarian-uterine environment.


Fertility Cleansing

Fertility cleansing very similar to “preparing the soil before sowing” i.e. becoming pregnant. Fertility cleansing supports liver health and helps for the healthy functioning of liver. Fertility cleansing helps cleansing the body from toxic pollutants it usually lasts from 25 to 30 days.

Follow a healthy balanced diet

A proper balanced and healthy diet will definitely benefit a women undergoing IVF pregnancy. Through many research studies it has been found that a balanced healthy diet fosters a healthy weight can positively affect IVF treatment.

A balanced diet includes – vegetables, fruits, cereals, grains and proteins. You should also have intake of multivitamins in your diet. While taking supplements you will have to be very careful as some supplements do not react well with IVF pregnancy treatment.

Provide enough nourishment to the body for optimum nutritional diet.
Benefits of having fertility diet –

  • Provides vitamins, cell reinforcements and minerals which recovers egg and sperm strength from expense brought about by free-radicals.
  • Supports the greatest cut of the cake towards sensible hormonal counterbalanced by giving the fats debilitated to hormone idea and capacity.
  • Provides the mass with an abundance of vitamins, minerals, cancer prevention agents and differentiating supplements insufficient for ideal well-being.
  • Helps to give related supplements to early pregnancy

Nutrition is the factor of satisfying fertility and increasing the IVF pregnancy success rate significantly.


Meditation initiates a healing process in body, mind and soul. It also aids in the overall well-being of the women and her baby. Meditation increases the life force or the prana in the body. Meditation has proved to be very beneficial for both, the mother and her child, during pregnancy, when you require a lot of energy for the growth of the baby. Also, meditation directly affects the diet and the nutrients which your body absorbs. Hence, meditation is very important for the nourishment of your baby.



Acupuncture is a great relaxation technique to rely on. If you want to receive the full benefits of acupuncture, you should consider acupuncture on the same day as your IVF, embryo transfer. Acupuncture does not a guarantee anything but it helps to increase the pregnancy success rate naturally.

Detox the body

Toxins such as preservatives found in beauty products, harmful chemicals and nicotine in cigarettes, alcohol, and synthetic hormones of birth control are known to affect IVF fertility negatively.

It is advised to detox your body 90 days before the IVF pregnancy treatment. One of the best way to detox is with a natural fertility cleanse kit. Fertility benefits of detox includes increase in the blow flow and circulation to the uterus which allows the shedding of uterine lining.

Author Bio:

Pratik Shinde

Pratik Shinde – He is a Medical, Health and Fitness blogger and researcher from India. He likes to research on Medical related topics and write about it.

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