Physical Education in School

Almost every student has dreaded it when it was time for physical education in school. All education institutes have made it mandatory for their students to take part in physical activities along with their studies but children don’t like this rule because they don’t realize the importance of it.

They do not understand how being involved in it will be highly beneficial for them. The stress and anxiety they face in their daily lives can only be relieved if they open the door of exercises and physical education. Therefore, here are a few reasons why schools encourage their students to take part in this:

1. Increases concentration and focus

The first and foremost primary reason why it’s important to have physical education in school is that it has the ability to increase our potential to concentrate and maintain focus in classes and outside too. In this technological era where students have been introduced to many distractions, it’s getting difficult for the pupils to maintain focus.

Schools need to arrange physical games and education for students because it will aid and maintain their concentration and in this way, it will improve their skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Moreover, this can lead to them having a sharp mind that will promote better learning and good judging skills.

2. A healthy body

Is there any child who does not eat pizza? It’s actually very difficult to find a kid who does not like pizza. As much junk food might be fun and delicious to eat, it is also very harmful for a student’s health. It’s important for students to have a good diet and health for them to perform properly daily in their studies.

Junk food can include soft drinks, fries, and burgers etc which can result in obesity and other chronic diseases. Therefore, sports and other activities that require them to use their bodies and mind both together reduce the chances of obesity and high blood pressure. Furthermore, this also helps them to gain sufficient energy.

These activities also play a main role in the development of bones and other parts of their bodies. It strengthens their bones to make them stronger. It will make them strong along with generating energy that they can use in their classes to achieve good grades. Exercises like bike riding, climbing trees and pushups etc can perfectly improve metabolism and health of a person.

Apart from strengthening the bones and generating energy, exercising is also healthy for the heart. According to 7dollaressay, sports like playing basketball and football etc regulates oxygen in their blood which makes it easier for the heart to pump blood in your whole body efficiently.

3. Promotes a proper sleep cycle

Every child needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep to perform well in the class. Pupils who are athletes work out regularly and use the bodily stamina that makes them exhausted and then they cry out for good night’s sleep. A proper sleep cycle is beneficial for the performance, good mood and concentration.  Research suggests that sleep deprivation increases stress and anxiety.

In fact, exercising can also decrease the production of glycogen and carbohydrates that are extremely essential. Any kind of activity that requires kids to use their body makes their body tired and drained. It automatically increases craving for sleep and in this way, a regular and proper sleep cycle is maintained.

4. Relieves stress and anxiety

School life can be very stressful for everyone. Unlimited assignments, homework, and the stress of upcoming exams can become exhausting and increase their frustration level. It’s very easy to get attacked by anxiety because a person is sensitive in this age and involved in too many things.

Stress can be the result of bad grades or because you involved yourself in a fight with a friend. Hence, physical exercises are substantial for relieving stress. The stored tension can be released when they are in the ground. It provides more oxygen to the brain and makes them feel more refreshed and relaxed. A relaxed brain performs better in class and treats other people nicely too.

5. Flexible and happy

One main advantage of physical education in schools is that it promotes flexibility in students. It improves their balance and they have fewer chances of injuries. Their body becomes more elastic. It also teaches them how to balance their physical and mental health.

Students, who know that both the things are important for their routine, learn how to balance things in their life that also leads to a better professional and personal life. Physical education helps to improve the connection between neurons of the brain. A healthy brain means that all other parts of a human body working perfectly well too.

6. Time management

Children, who are deeply involved in sports and take it more than just a normal activity, know how to manage everything in life. They learn how to manage their studies efficiently along with other tasks. It teaches them time management because every task on the field has limited time and they know they have to win in this limited time.

7. Leadership qualities

It has been showed in recent researches that professionals who are now top employees were in different kinds of physical activities in their academic life. This is because in addition to generating leadership qualities, they also learn how to lead in corporate life because of leading in the field. When you are in the ground, you have to make decisions quickly that proves to be beneficial for you. This improves decision-making capabilities too.


To conclude, physical education is now being highly encouraged in educational institutes because of the perks it gives to pupils. It not only increases their energy and concentration but make them mentally strong which they desperately need to be in such stressful routine. It also teaches them how to balance everything. Educational institutes should encourage kids along with highlighting the importance of it.

Author Bio:

This is Mitchell Starc, A qualified fitness trainer, Mitchell is a successful coach and dietitian who have written various articles and essays for essay writing service name as to educate students about the advantages of having a healthy and well-balanced diet.