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How Important is Mobility When Recovering from an Injury?

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Someone who has suffered a physical injury from an accident or fall may think it is best to sit quietly and wait for the body to heal. Actually, the opposite is likelier to be true. An injured part of the body will heal more slowly if it remains stationary.

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Unless the doctor has specifically ordered a patient not to move around with a diagnosed and treated injury, mobility is often one of the best ways to facilitate the healing process.

Improves Blood Flow

Moving around raises the blood pressure to some extent. For those healing from an injury, the blood’s circulatory system takes oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body and removes waste. That keeps cells working to their optimum capability as well as promoting new cell growth for faster healing. Good blood flow helps every part of the body to work more efficiently, which expedites recovery processes.

Enhances Range of Motion

Following an injury, the person may want to nurse a sore limb or inflamed tissues. That causes the area to become stiff and inflexible, which renders it useless and prolongs the recovery process.

Standing, walking, and other forms of mobility help the injured part of the body return to normal more quickly by reducing inflammation and swelling, which in turn diminishes discomfort. The more a person moves, the better he or she will soon feel.

Strengthens Muscle Tone

No matter which part of the body is recovering from an injury, all bodily muscles need to remain healthy and strong to support the person while the injured part is healing. Sturdy muscles facilitate mobility and help the person return to normal activities more quickly. In turn, increased mobility improves stamina and enhances muscular agility and strength.

Increases Stability and Balance

An injured person may be weak or unsteady at first. Becoming mobile is a great way to improve stability while sitting, standing, or moving. Balance is also important, because if the body is unbalanced due to the injury or limited mobility, the risk of falling or getting injured again is increased.

Getting up and moving around, even with the aid of a Medical For You wheelchair or walker, increases energy and stability so that the person’s confidence returns as healing and mobility continue.


Becoming mobile following an injury helps a person to feel normal again and can often speed up recovery. It restores confidence in their physical capabilities and increases their sense of value.

Deeper breathing and a change of scenery are added mobility benefits and should not be cast aside. If you are injured and feel like the whole world is crashing in on you then considering mobility as an option should be high on your list.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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