Would you prefer jumping in the pool without a proper swimming costume or would you run a marathon without a proper gear? If the answer no, that means you are not compromising on anything that pertains to your well-being. If that is the case, then why would you compromise on the kind of mattress that you are sleeping on? There is no justification for using a substandard mattress for something which is an essential part of your well-being and health.

According to National Sleep Foundation, 92% of us aware about the need for a comfortable and supportive mattress. In spite of the well-known fact, we still ignore the fact just to save on a few extra bucks. It is often said to change a mattress in maximum 6-8 years. This is because, after a period of time, old mattresses cause more health problems and rather than paying frequent visits to the doctor, why not invest that money into buying a good mattress. We are giving you not one, but several reasons why it is important to have a good mattress.

Stress Reduction:

Yes, we know we are stating the obvious, but this point cannot be ignored. If you constantly have irritation, stress, worry then it is most likely related to your disturbed sleep pattern. There was an experiment done on a group of men and women, where they were made to sleep a month of their regular mattresses and another month on a proper mattress. There was considerable difference seen in their behavior and attitude. It was even noted that their stress, anxiety and irritation level had also considerably reduced. So, if you are constantly sleep deprived, you know what you have to do.

Reduce Allergies:

We all know mattresses are prone to dust and bed bugs. They are small microscopic creatures that cannot be spotted with the otherwise naked eyes. This is the reason why you wake up sneezing or with a running nose or having some skin irritation. Even if you try to maintain the maximum cleanliness level, your old mattress can be a breeding ground for such microscopic creatures. So if you are waking up to such things, you should know that your mattress is old now and it is high time for you to change it.

Reduces Back pain and supports your skeleton:

Mattresses should be designed in a way that it supports your body structure. By this we mean, that your spine has three main gentle curves at the neck, the middle part and the base of your spine. So having a flat mattress is not going to solve the problem and it is often going to cause back aches which can get terrible with time.Therefore, a mattress should be designed in such a manner that it supports those three curves thereby supporting your joints and skeleton. Also, special care has to be taken on how hard or soft the mattress. In both the extreme cases, it is not going to help you in anyway.

Keeping your migraines and headaches under control:

Such constant headaches and migraines can be because of an erratic sleeping pattern which is caused by an uncomfortable mattress. Waking up with a headache can be a sign that either your neck curve is not getting supported or hanging there in the middle the entire night causing stress or you are using an incorrect pillow which is not providing the support you need. So if it is becoming a pattern that your headache reduces as soon as you take a shower, then you should know that it is an alarm bell to change your mattress.

Control your weight:

You may think this is bizarre, but it is actually very true. Irregular sleep patterns can cause you binge-eating which are not healthy since you end up eating something unhealthy. So if you are noticing that in spite of not eating that much you are putting on weight, which is probably because you are not sleeping well. And you not sleeping well can be primarily because of a faulty mattress. So change that old mattress and you will notice the difference.

Improve your memory:

Do not be shocked, but having an old mattress is directly proportional so if you are having memory impairment, then you can conveniently blame your mattress. This is because memories are formed during deep sleep called REM, so if your brain is not able to enter REM, it is not going to form your memories right away which can lead to memory impairment. So if you are losing memory recently, then you know what to do.

Encourages Beauty Sleep:

Beauty Sleep is a real thing and it does not happen in movies or Disney movies, but even in real life. Lack of beauty sleep can cause puffiness under your eyes, affect your skin and overall behavior. So if you really don’t want all of that happening to you, then you should consider changing your mattress.

So many benefits by just changing your mattress. All of this is worth the investment that you are going to be putting in your new mattress. Save your money, time and energy that you are putting in maintaining your old mattress. Ditch that old mattress, get a new one and notice a considerable difference in your persona.

According to study, it was shown that Americans prefer sleep over sex which really tells us something about the sleeping patterns of people. Do consider certain points before buying a mattress like size, firmness, the type of material used etc. Also put in those extra efforts to read about consumer reviews to see if they are really satisfied with the product or not.

Spend time in researching on the kind of mattress you want like innerspring, air beds, waterbeds, memory foam, and latex. Once you arrive at a decision that fits your budget then don’t think much and get the kind of mattress that you had been wanting to, see your sleep patterns changing and your life improving.