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Importance of Having a Primary Health care Provider

In your day-to-day life, you need to ensure that your health is given primary importance. The reason why this is important is that you need good health to go to school, to provide for your family and to ensure that you reach your individual goals and ambitions in life. In order to make this possible, you need a primary care provider at your disposal.

There are many misconceptions regarding primary care medicine. Many people believe that only children require constant medical attention from primary health care givers. Others believe that they should only visit primary health care providers when they do not feel well. Additionally, there are those who do not want to bother with making an appointment that may interfere with their schedule.

However, this is false. You should not avoid routine screening or blood tests to check up on your well-being. Visiting your primary care physician, does not have to be a thing you do occasionally whenever you have a cough or flu? Ensure that you and your family make routine checkups with your primary care giver to improve your quality of life and wellness.

Importance of a primary health care giver

Medical history:

A primary health care provider ensures that your medical history is known. Therefore, it is easier for the health care team that takes care of you to detect patterns about your health and ensure that they recommend a lifestyle that will prevent future health complications.

For instance, you may have a high blood pressure condition that has been unnoticed from previous visits to the doctor. However, a visit to the primary care doctor ensures that further complications are nipped at the bud.

Vast spectrum of health services:

When you have a primary care provider, you can get all the patient care you need in one place. Screening for potentially chronic diseases can be done and chronic care for diseases such as asthma is provided. Therefore, as a patient with a primary care provider, you are able to manage achronic disease better.

Prevent future illness:

You do not need to go to a primary care provider only when you are sick. By making regular scheduled visits, you catch a disease long before it becomes chronic. For instance, regular checks for prostate cancer can save you a lifetime of discomfort when caught at an early stage.


With regular visits to your primary healthcare provider, you are sure to get the right referrals in case you require a specialist in a specific field of medicine. The primary care provider becomes your central point of contact for any specialist in the field. You are assured that you will be more comfortable to a referral from your primary care giver as opposed to contacts you get at the doctors directory.

Conflicting results:

A primary caregiver provides conclusive results; however, lack of one means that you may receive conflicting results on tests once you get sick. A medical history means that the doctor may not be able to give conclusive results to a specific test.

The above-discussed issues are some of the reasons why you need a primary healthcare giver.

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  1. Having a primary care provider, in my opinion, can increase the quality of living of a person. Since they have someone that will look after their health and prevent anything that might develop. No want would enjoy or would want to live their lives taking medications and such. The choice of a provider is also important to have the best primary care experience. Good article.


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