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The Importance of Hair Extensions on Your Wedding Day

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Your wedding day is approaching soon! What have you planned for your hair do? Think about getting the hair extensions!

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How can hair extensions make a difference to your special day? When we discussed the same with expert hair stylist from Italy, Melissa Mckenzie, she told us that “hair extensions can be an excellent service for the brides. They can add great volume and length and at the same time define a gorgeous look.” So, if you want to know how hair extensions can provide you with a glamorous look and what all homework you need to do before finalizing them, then here we go!

The Types of Hair Extensions

Clip-in Hair Extensions –

These are temporary and can be clipped into your hair, whenever you wish. They are perfect for your big day, particularly when you don’t want to the commitment of wearing fitted extensions.

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Besides adding length and thickness to your natural hair, clip-in hair extensions can be used to revamp the look completely. You can either go for waved and curled styles or customized extensions, which are offered by only reputed hair stylists.

Synthetic Hair Extensions –

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Although more affordable, still synthetic hair extensions cannot withstand intricate hair styling.

They are more detectable and need to be cautiously placed to give a natural look to your hair style.

Weave-in Extensions –

These are semi-permanent hair extensions that are more discreet and long-lasting. You can create any style with these extensions. These extensions are weave-in to your natural hair strand by strand. So, if you want them, then you have to get the hair extension job done probably two to three weeks of your wedding day. Also, if you do not wish to experience any after effects of these extensions on your natural hair, then it is essential to get the job done from a qualified and experienced hairstylist.

Important Things to Consider Before Getting the Hair Extensions

No matter which type of hair extension you select, make sure that you are comfortable adoring it. When making the decision, first decide your attire and the way you intend to style your hair. As recommended by Vanessa Fernandez, the senior hair stylist from Butterfly Studio Salon, “decide to wear the extensions either up or down, and then select accordingly.”

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As Richards confirms,

‘Clip-in extensions are an affordable and effective way to add volume zeal to any hair style. They are most appropriate for the wedding-day hairdo. But as a bride you must go to a trial before the final day, offering your hair experts the viability to customize or look for a perfect blend for your wedding day hairstyle.’

If you are going for permanent or long-lasting weave-in extensions, then definitely you need to get the job done a few weeks before. But if you are planning to adore the clip-in extensions, then even this requires some advance work. One of the tops hair stylists Fernandez confirms that “you must select an extension depending on your hairstyle and if there is a need then the experts have to prepare them in advance. For instance, if you want waves then you need to curl the extensions so that they stay in that shape.”

Wearing extensions is one thing, but taking care is even more important. Fernandez says that ‘you must remove the temporary extensions the next day after the wedding. After this, shampoo and deep condition your hairs to avoid experiencing any sort of damage to your natural hairs. Alternatively, if you have planned weave-in extensions, then you need to take a lot of care and maintenance both at the salon and in the home.’

To get that gorgeous look on your wedding day, you need to check for the color of the hair extensions. Shikana, a leading hairdresser, says that ‘this is an important job that needs to be done few weeks before the wedding day. It is because, if there is a need to customize the extensions, then your hairstylist has plenty of time. You can select extensions matching in color with your natural hair. If you want something unique, then you can even clip-in few streaks of another color extension, depending on your hairstyle.’ Just plan for it in prior so that you don’t end up in an awkward situation during the big day!

‘Quality of extensions is an important thing that cannot be ignored,’ says McKenzie. ‘Your wedding is your special day, and you cannot adore just anything. Same holds true even for the extensions. Make sure that they are of high-quality. Wearing low-quality extensions can actually hamper the look of your hairstyle and can even result in after effects, like itchy scalp, dandruff, rashes, or hair fall. So, be a little choosy when selecting the hair extensions for your big fat wedding day.’

How much do Hair Extensions Cost?

The cost of extensions will depend on the length and amount of the hair extensions and the type of hair style you need to create. If you are going for bespoke extensions, then this definitely the path to avail a flawless look, but it is slightly more expensive as well. But since it is your wedding day so definitely you would not mind spending a little more.

The Conclusion:

Being your wedding day, you cannot afford to take any risks. Your wedding will happen only once! The best way is to consult an expert hair stylist and look for quality extensions and prestigious service to get that seamless, immaculate look for your wedding day.

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