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Hyperthermia: A Promising Method to Treat Cancer

The word cancer can be frightening for those who have been diagnosed with the disease. However, with today’s medical breakthroughs in how the illness is treated, many individuals are experiencing a better quality of life when going through the various treatment options.

While chemicals and other strong pharmaceuticals were used to combat tumors in the past, today’s natural methods have been proven just as safe and effective.

Ways Hyperthermia is Used to Treat Cancer

Raising awareness for diseases such as breast cancer can help bring the numbers down. However, if you’re one of the many who’ve been diagnosed with some form of cancer, you may be wondering about how to treat it.

Holistic options can offer a natural, safe and effective approach in treating cancers. Hyperthermia is one such method where the body is overheated to damage or combat the various cells of cancer. Studies have shown temperatures up to 113°F can help kill the cancer cells affecting the body with minimal injury to the existing tissue.

Because the warm temperatures can also injure normal cells, physicians experienced in this practice are better when it comes to treatment and monitoring.

Clinical Studies

Various facilities such as Immunity Therapy Center’s alternative therapies for cancer treatment have seen positive results using hyperthermia, especially when combined with radiation or chemotherapy. Researchers have also seen dramatic results in killing cancer when used alone.

Some of the studies involved have focused on cancers such as breast, bladder, melanoma, lung and sarcoma to name a few. In addition to killing cells, hyperthermia has also been known to reduce tumor sizes and increase a person’s survival rate.

Hyperthermia Treatment Methods

There are several methods of hyperthermia being studied at present. They include regional, whole-body and local hyperthermia. Local hyperthermia works when heat is applied to small areas of a tumor.

The varying energy sources used to apply heat differ and include ultrasound, radiofrequency and microwave. Dependent on the tumor’s location, local hyperthermia can take an interstitial, external or endocavitary approach. For larger areas of tissues such as an organ, cavity or limb, regional hyperthermia my bebest used for treating a patient.

If a person’s cancer has spread throughout the body, whole-body hyperthermia care can accomplish this task through hot water blankets or thermal chambers warmed to 107–108°F.

Advantages in Hyperthermia for Breast Cancer Patients

Breast cancer has become a wide-spread disease that has affected many. Finding treatments that can promote a longer and better quality of life are always being researched. Hyperthermia has been found to be a positive treatment method for breast cancer patients because it can make the cancerous cells vulnerable to other effective forms of treatments such as chemotherapy drugs and radiation therapy.

It’s also a promising method of treatment for those who have an advanced stage or recurring forms of breast cancer. Through hyperthermia treatment, breast cancer patients can dramatically improve their quality of life.

What the Future Holds for Hyperthermia

The use of hyperthermia to treat cancerous tumors is promising for patients who have been diagnosed with the disease. However, because it requires special instruments and an experienced physician and team skilled in its usage, it’s only being offered in a select number of facilities in the United States and Europe at this time.

Clinical trials are also being implemented to improve and better understand this form of cancer treatment. While many of today’s standard cancer methods involve surgery, their tools may not be able to remove all of the cancer cells in the tissue of the body.

A local hyperthermia approach to treating the disease can provide a patient with a better outcome because this method can kick start the body’s immune system by warding off any remaining cancer cells.

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