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How Your Sleeping Position Affects Your Health?

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Sleeping is very important to the body as the body uses that time to carry out many functions that will have us to be revitalized, and sleeping position can also have an effect on our health in various ways.

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We all have a favorite sleeping position but you need to be aware of your sleeping position and its effect on your health.

It can either relieve your pain, cause your pain, make you snore, cause neck discomfort and also affect your level of energy in the morning.

Some Sleeping Positions and Their Effects

Soldier Position

This position is perfect for resting the backbone, neck and fingers. It is similar to the Savasana pose in yoga. You do the soldier position by lying on your back, using a pillow to support your neck and your hands stertched out.

It also helps to reduce acid reflux disorder, improve general posture, cure insomnia, prevent facial wrinkles and maintain a perky breast. Although this position may also irritate snoring in people with sleep apnea and can have negative effects on a fetus.

Sleeping on your back

This position can make snoring worse but can also cause lower back pain. However, you may put a pillow under your knee for support before sleeping to help support the curve of your spine.

Yearner Position

This position helps to alleviate back pain, allow the frame to effectively clean up wastes from the brain, relieve heartburn, reduce loud night breathing and sleep apnea. To do the yerner position, you lay on your left facet with your arms stretched out.

This position can cause nerve compression, saggy breasts, skin aging, and restrict the right glide of blood and put stress on the nerve.

Sleeping on your left side (Log position)

This position helps to improve blood flow and transportation of nutrients throughout the body this is because the left side of the heart is responsible for pumpimg blood through the body.

You do the log position by lying to your left side, with your right fingers under your cheeck and your head slightly raised.

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This position is also known as the “recovery position”. It also helps to reduce sleep apnea and snoring and prevent neck pain. It is the perfect sleep position for pregnant women. But however, this position may cause pores and facial wrinkles as well as sagging breast.

Star Fish

This position is is perfect for resting the neck and spine. It also helps to reduce acid reflux disease since the head is accelerated and the belly is sitting beneath.

You do the starfish position by lying on your back, and putting your hands under your head. This position may also cause loud night breathing in people with sleep apnea and can also cause lower back pain.

Spooning Position

This position helps your body in the release of oxytocin (A hormone that helps to decrease stress).

Sleeping on your stomach (Freefall Position)

This position can sometimes reduce loud night sleep. It can cause neck and back pain due to the stress on the backbone, cuts blood circulation from the face resulting in the development of wrinkles and also puts unnatural pressure on the inner organs.

Fetal Position

This position helps to reduce loud night breathing and lessen acid reflux. To do the fetal position, you down on your side, and draw your knees closer to your chest and putting your chin down.

This position can also put pressure on the neck and back thereby causing severe pain due to the severe curving of the body.

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Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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