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How to Use Yoga to Relax Your Mind?

You need easy relaxation of the mind? Then yoga is all you require. Amit Ray, once said that, “Yoga is not only about repeating the same postures over and over again but it is more of exploring and discovering the ingenious life energies.

It adds you energy, strength and also beauty to the soul.” With yoga, you are able to cleanse your mind, and get rid of the all the tensions built up, known as samskaras. This in return gives you a mind that is positive and a healthy body. So how can you use yoga to relax your mind?

In this article, we will give you a guideline on how you can do so, by giving you the steps to using yoga for mind relaxation. There are different poses of yoga such as cat pose, eagle pose, child’s pose and many others. We are only going to look at steps of doing the basic yoga. The Nine Steps:

1. Get the Right Technique

There are different yoga techniques. Practice all of them to find out which one works the best for you. In case, there is one that hurts you, it is better you skip it.

2. Lie on the Back

Stretch the right leg then lift it with the toes pointed at your head. Your head should be in a resting position.

3. Lift Both Legs

Ensure your toes are pointing your head. Lift the head towards the legs. Then inhale from the stomach and take a minute to meditate.

4. Candle Pose

Straighten the legs to the sky, supporting yourself using your hands from behind. Take a minute to breathe and relax.

5. Roll out

To roll out from the candle pose, stretch the legs. Place your hands on your stomach then move the feet slowly. Take a minute to focus on the stomach.

6. Stomach Turn over

Have your upper body lifted then hold on for a minute with your head positioned in the bank. Breathe then relax into that cobra pose sending some light from the head to the back. Take a minute to think about the light.

7. Stretch Again

Lift your right leg, careen your head and stretch the leg as far as you can. Take a minute to concentrate, relaxing on the leg that you have lifted up.

8. Move to Cobra Pose

First, raise the upper body, lifting the both legs and bring them together. Position the hands laterally from the body. Take a minute to inhale, sending light from the legs to the head. Think about the light.

9. Prone Position & Relaxation

Relax the pelvis as you turn it from left to right gently. Breathe in and out for a minute. After which, straighten the back, with the head upright. Your hand should be on the laps. Let light go round the whole body from the head to the legs, arms and hands. Meditate on the light for a minute. After that sit or lie down comfortably without meditating on anything. Yoga Precautions

  • Do not rush yoga.
  • Take your time for each step, about 1-4 minutes.
  • Do not concentrate on what is happening

In case, you are using online videos or have signed up for private yoga classes, follow the steps of your trainer carefully.

Bottom line is that, you want to achieve maximum relaxation of the mind, right? Therefore, the above postures will help you through the yoga exercise. You will not only attain relaxation of the mind, but also your completely well-being. Practice yoga regularly and do it the right way.

Joel Kramer, also once claimed that, “Since yoga is a dance of control and composure, it involves two major things which are pushing and letting go. Hence, when you make these two components part of your creative process, yoga becomes a part of exploring your well being.”

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