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How to Use Anal Beads?

If you have always dreamed of spicing up your sex experience, trying out anal beads could be the solution you’ve been looking for. The anus gets less focus especially during romance and intercourse and therefore, it’s more sensitive and greater to play with.

If doing a solo masturbation or adding something extra to partner play, considering anal beads is always the answer to take your orgasm to a new level.

According to Sinclair, a certified sex educator and CEO of b-Vibe, anal beads become exceptional when removing them as they create a series of pleasurable sensations and you feel like your muscles are being massaged.

If you’ve never heard of or used anal beads before, here is everything you need to know about them.

What are anal beads?

Anal beads are threads of small spheres which are specifically designed to be inserted into the anus. Usually, the one thread or string includes different sized beads which are small at one end and gradually get larger as you approach the other. Sinclair says that anal beads are totally different from a butt plug.

Reason being, butt plugs are meant to go and stay in after applying pressure, while anal beads stimulate the inside of your body and usually move in and out of the burn.

In simple terms, you are supposed to insert anal beads one at a time and then pull them out in your desired speed. According to Loanzon, pulling the beads triggers rectal stimulation and you benefit from shared nerves to the vagina from the anterior wall of the rectum.

How you can excellently use anal beads?

Start with a finger

As stated earlier, the anus is of the most sensitive part you have but always overlooked. If you would like to improve your sexual life, trying anal play is crucial.

Sinclair recommends starting off by inserting one finger up there and after moving it in all directions and get good results, go ahead and do it with a larger object and enjoy the incredible sensation.

Figure out what you like

The anal bead is always great but doing it for the first time brings different emotions. Therefore, Sinclair recommends doing it solo first as this will give you more time to examine how it feels when they are in there.

Besides, trying it all by yourself helps you to figure out the good and the bad feelings the beads come with.

Use a lot of lube

Sinclair notes and shares that anus does not lubricate and adds that in order to enjoy the experience, you must be generous enough by lubricating your anus with lube.

For an even better experience, go for the oil-based products with your beads because silicone-based products are likely to destroy silicone sex toys.

Take things slow

The objective of anal beads is to trigger the pleasure you would always dream of. It is on that note that Sinclair recommends inserting anal beads one by one and when all of them are up there, you will definitely feel the fullness and uncontrollable pleasure as they move inside you.

It is not a must to insert all of them and you can always stop when more beads make you uncomfortable and you’ll definitely be glad you tried them.

Use anal beads during partner play

Anal beads are even more engaging and sweeter when done by both partners. Actually, it’s one of the best romances you can have. If you are wondering how both of you can do it, Sinclair recommends making your partner pull them at a different speed and see what you like most.

If in case you groan or screams and produce a sigh of relief, it means you love that speed of pulling and he or she should concentrate on that.

Alternatively, you can try incorporating the anal beads in penis-in-vagina sex and this will definitely provide an exceptionally pleasurable sensation for the both of you because when they vibrate, they make you feel great during intercourse.

Besides, when removing the beads especially when your partner is about to cum, it makes the orgasm to be incredible.

What should you look for in anal beads?

When looking for sex toys, the first thing to consider is the material where you focus on something that’s body-safe and free from potentially hazardous chemical and toxins.

According to Sheila Loanzon, M.D. OB-GYN, the material to look forward to is the silicone materials which are resistant to bacteria. Also, it’s important to keep in mind that anus and rectum can store viral and bacterial infections thereby becoming important to consider the material.

Toys made of silicone are easy to disinfect as the only thing you need is warm water and mild soap and you are good to go. However, Sinclair says that it’s important to avoid cheap plastic beads on a string as they are hard to clean and can store bacteria.

Also, ensure that the beads you choose have a flared base or a handle at the end to ensure that they don’t get lost up there.

The best anal beads to consider

According to Sinclair, starters can excellently use anal beads that start small and get bigger gradually, such as the b-Vibe Cinco Anal Beads.

If you love vibration which technically improves the sex experience, she recommends using the B-Vibe’s Triplet Anal Beads. Other choices to consider include;

  • Njoy Fun Wand
  • Fun Factory B Balls
  • Fun Factory Flexi Felix
  • Petite Sensations Bubbles
  • Cloud 9 Novelties Tapered Anal Beads with Bonus C Rings
  • Adrien Lastic Triball Beaded Butt Plug

Final thoughts

As they always say, doing the same thing over and over again leads to boredom.

If you would wish to experience another phase of sex life, try out anal beads with your partner or solo and you’d definitely be glad that you came here and learned something so simple but great to spice your sexual life.

Kingsley Felix
Blogger and Editor here on Healthtian and other Krafty Sprouts sites, I make sure things run smoothly as they should.

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