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How to Turn a One Night Stand Into Many More Days of Sex?


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Emmanuella Ekokotu
Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist and Anthropologist, writer, and fashion model who lives in Benin city, Edo state,Nigeria.

If there is anything in this world that can keep getting better even when you think you have it at its best, it is sex. It is nothing of shame to have lustful desires and crave a little bit more action between the sheets even if it is with a stranger you want to keep screwing.

So you met a guy at the bar, and you couldn’t stop looking at him and imagining all the nasty things you could do to his body if you had the chance to. It happens that the feeling is mutual and you begin to flirt with each other while you empty a few more glasses of alcohol.

You make a move to check out the size of his penis by feeling it through his trousers, and you like what’s beneath. That is already your cue to get your things together and go with him to the hotel room or his place.

Wherever you both have sex that night is beside the point, as long as the sex was everything you expected and more, you have every right to change the game from just a one night stand to a relationship or just become fuck buddies.

Hold on! How do you tell him you want to keep sitting on his penis without sounding like you are begging for sex or desperate? Well, it is a simple as doing dog tricks. You do not have to say a thing; you just make him say it by doing things that send the message.

Don’t worry about figuring out what things you need to do. I know that it can be hard brainstorming so because it’s only fair that women help other women, I got you covered. No, save the gratitude for a few days a week after you get laid, and he keeps coming back.

The first thing you should look out for before you even start flirting is his marital status; you do not want to be the girl that goes about ruining homes with your great vagina.

Once you confirm that he is available, make sure to ask some personal questions but do it in a girly and sexy way so that he doesn’t know where you are headed and at the same time he wouldn’t want to come off as a jerk by not giving you the answers you want.

Ask if he comes to the bar or club often. If he says yes you are lucky. Now some guys are open about what they want from every girl they meet, if they just want to get between your thighs and disappear, they say it in the most subtle way that you do not figure it out till after they are done and gone.

That is the reason why you have to be smart about drawing your game plan right there where you met.

One Night Stand

If he takes you home, make sure to have a lovely time together. Take charge most of the time and bring you’re a game. Men like to be in charge, but they are always interested in a woman who can give them mind-blowing pleasure while they lay back.

Wake up very early in the morning and go down on him with the best blow job he would swear he has ever had. No man hates to wake up with his dick in the mouth of a lady. If the man in question doesn’t push you away but instead holds your head, so you don’t stop, that’s a sign that you have a chance to bring him back between your thighs after that day. Allow him to go into the bathroom to take a quick shower.

Wait till he has soap on his face then go into the shower and have your bath. Let him open his eyes to your sexiness and be amazed at how bold you are. Dress up and tell him you have to go but before you do, slip a note that says “You know how to reach me” with your phone number on it into his pocket.

Compliment him before you leave and make sure you are not slutty about it. Tell him it was nice meeting him and you enjoyed his company. He might not call you that day or the day after that, but he sure would call you eventually.

Remember where you met, and how he told you when he goes to the bar? This is when that tiny little piece of information is valuable to you. Go to the place and make sure that he sees you but pay him less attention. Avoid other men as much as you can so that there’s a chance for him to walk up to you and say hi.

Once he comes around you, pretend not to know he was around and start a conversation. It’s your turn to suggest some time away from the crowd. Bring your charm and get him to take you home again.

Once it happens once and it happens a second time, it will keep repeating, and you can make it what you want from there. I wish you all the luck in the world as you turn a one night stand into many more days of great sex!

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