Having sex is usually fun right after marriage. The sex drive is usually high and the couples have a higher sex frequency. As the time passes by in the marriage, the fire in the sex life slowly starts to fade away. According to the study, the lack of sexual frequency is one of the major causes of divorce.

The problem of lack of sexual frequency is more relevant in the second inning of a person’s life. The couples are usually busy with their professional life, children, operating their houses, and so on. They emphasize a lot in managing all these things, but most of them do not realize that their sex drive is going down.

The lack of sex drive is one of the most common problems experienced by the people in the second innings of their life. The couples slowly lose their interests in sex over time. So, it’s important for couples to give more emphasis on their sex drive, even in the second innings of their life.

Some people often assume that the lack of sex drive is very natural in the later part of life, and there is nothing we can do about it. But, that’s a wrong way of looking at the problem of low libido. There are people who are enjoying their sex life, even in old age and reaping the benefits of sex.
sexIf they can do it, you too can maintain your sex drive throughout your life. We will discuss it in the upcoming part of this article.

How to maintain your sex drive in the second innings?

There are lots of things that people experience after the age of 30. The study has shown that the men gradually start to experience a decrease in the level of testosterone after the age of 30. The problem of low testosterone directly impacts the sex drive of men. Women also go through the period of pregnancy and menopause, which affect their sex drive.

Due to lots of changes in the body and physical situations in life during the second innings, it can be a very tough job to keep the sex drive stable. But, it’s possible to maintain your sex drive despite all the changes. Here are some of the tips that can help you maintain your sex drive.

Take a regular walk

The lack of physical activities is very common among older age people. They start to strain away from physical activities, which affect their physical health conditions along with their sex life. The lower involvement in physical activities is directly linked with a higher weight.

While it could be a very difficult task for old people to get involved in intense workouts, but there are some light physical activities that can help them keep their body shape intact. A higher body weight can make a person feel unattractive. This directly impacts the confidence of a person.

If a person feels unattractive and lacks self-confidence, it’s very much likely that he/she will want to stay away from revealing their body. The study has shown that 30-50% of the women are likely to experience some forms of sexual dysfunction. This is a problem for women.

A regular workout can help in maintaining both physical and mental health of a person, which is crucial for a good sex life. Just be regular in simple physical workouts every single day to maintain your sex drive and to enhance your overall health.

Both male and female partner should emphasize on enhancing the level of testosterone

Testosterone is primarily known as a male hormone, and it’s true. Testosterone is found in a greater level in male in comparison to female. And, testosterone does play an important role in a male sex drive. With that said, it does not mean that testosterone has no role to play in female’s sexual performance.

Testosterone has a specific place in the female ovaries. This hormone is crucial for toning muscles, healthy libido, and stronger bones. During the menopausal period, women often experience the problem with low testosterone in their body. A woman having a problem of low testosterone experiences symptoms, such as fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, mood disorder, and so on.

Moreover, testosterone is also important in sustaining skin elasticity and reducing body fat, which is very important for enhancing the physical looks of a person. There are various testosterone boosting supplements found on the market. These supplements can help in boosting libido, decreasing body fat, increasing muscle strength, and more.

But, there are many low-quality supplements sold on the internet. Conduct a research before deciding to purchase a supplement. And, do consult a doctor before consuming supplements. There are many new sex pills for men and other products that are helpful in enhancing the sex life of the couples as well. You can look for them too if needed.

Accept and celebrate who you are

It’s true that the couples will never have the same sexual pleasure like they used to have in their 20s. However, it does not mean that sexual pleasure will completely disappear in the second innings of life. If you accept and celebrate who you are, it will ignite your sex drive. Do not have unrealistic expectations for your sex life.

Here are some of the facts that will help you accept and celebrate who you are.

  • Having a sex when you are inexperienced is not an easy task. The factors like inexperience and the lack of knowledge come into play. When you enter the second inning of your life, you are experienced and full of confidence. It can help you feel excited and happy.
  • Try to observe the beauty in a different way as you age, which will help you stay happy and satisfied.

Rule out every single medical condition that could affect your sex life

The risk of various diseases starts to spike as you age. The medical conditions of the person could be knowingly or unknowingly affecting the sex life of a person. There are both physical and mental conditions that could affect the sex drive, such as depression, high blood pressure, arthritis, and so on.

The medicines that you consume could also be affecting your sex life. Try to rule out every single medical condition that could affect your sex life, which will help you focus solely on the ways to enhance your sex life.

Manage your stress

There are plenty of things that may stress you out. Some of the major reasons for stress could be relationship problems, financial problems, and so on. But, the good news is that there are plenty of ways to manage your stress.

Seek out for the ways to manage your stress. A reduced stress helps you stay focused on your goals, and improve your desire to try out different things, which also includes sex.


It’s always exciting to experiment with new things in life. When you enter the period of sexual maturity, the same old techniques of having a sexual intercourse will not give you the desired sexual pleasure. You need to try out new things for an enhanced sexual pleasure.

There are plenty of things to experiment with when it comes to sex. Get creative and seek out for new ideas. You can experiment with different sex positions, lubricants, sex toys, and massage.

Trying out new things in your sex life can revive your whole sex life. When you keep something new in the store, you will be excited to experiment with that new thing. The fire in your heart for sex will keep on burning when you start experimenting with your sex life.


Just because you have spent a long time with each other does not mean that there is nothing left to communicate. Talk about your fears, desires, and problems regarding many things in life, including sex. Try to use humor, teasing, and other ways to communicate things related to sex. It will help in improving your level of excitement regarding sex.


Maintaining a sex drive is crucial, even for old people. A less sexual frequency usually increases dissatisfaction in the relationship. And, the old couples who stay away from sexual intercourse are more likely to suffer from various diseases because they do not get all the benefits that sex has to offer for people.

According to the report, around 5.4 million Americans are diagnosed with Alzheimer. Among 5.4 million, around 5.2 million people diagnosed with Alzheimer are people over the age of 60. This figure is quite shocking for the people over 60. The good news is that the recent study has found out that having an active sex life boosts the brain health.

It’s possible to maintain your sex drive in your second innings if you sincerely follow the tips that I’ve mentioned in the earlier part of this article. If you are experiencing serious sexual problems, you should consult with a doctor. Do not hesitate to consult with a sex therapist or a doctor, and do not take a sex talk as a taboo.