Hair transplant surgery is one of the most effective and efficient hair restorative and hair regrowth options available for hair loss. In a hair transplant procedure, healthy hair follicles are relocated from the back or side of the scalp to the affected balding or thinning area of the hair, or wherever more hair is desired to be implanted.

A hair transplant surgery in Turkey can restore a receding hairline and increase the overall hair density, bringing back your youthful appearance and the vitality of your full head of hair as well, whether the procedure is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) or FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation).

The hair transplant in Turkey is also cost-effective, making it a valuable choice for many.

Effective wound healing usually takes around 7-10 days after the hair transplant surgery in Turkey before resuming daily routine activities. This duration depends on the type of procedure a patient has gone through, the size of the transplant, and the level of the extensiveness of the entire transplantation procedure. Given below are some post-operative instructions for better healing.

It recommended following your doctor’s instructions for the post-operative period and maintenance of your transplant. These instructions help you to make the wound healing and post-operative time comfortable and less symptomatic.

There are benefits of a hair transplant, however, the process is a highly complex procedure and can come along with certain levels of discomfort, making it crucial for you to follow certain suggestions. The instructions mentioned below are to be carefully followed to decrease the risk of any discomfort to a minimal level. If any contrary activities are followed, it may increase the risk of complications and discomfort, hindering the expected results for your hair loss.

The instructions to follow after a hair transplant surgery in Turkey from the day of the operation:

1. The operation day

  • If the clinic isn’t providing post-operative services, bandages are to be taken off carefully as instructed by the surgeon.
  • On the bed, while sleeping, the diaper has to be spread on the pillow with its absorbing side up, so that the wound exudate is absorbed.
  • If any antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed, they are to be taken post meals
  • While sleeping, the site of the graft extraction can touch the pillow. However, the implanted area should have minimal to no contact with the surface.

2. The first 3 days post-operation

  • While showering, make sure lukewarm water is used and the dried blood clots are washed off.
  • If any solution is provided by the clinic, spray at the implanted area. About 2-3 squirts are typically sufficient. Follow the instructions by the surgeons.

3. 4th and 5th day after operation:

  • Soaking the whole head with gentle, lukewarm water for 20 minutes is suggested.
  • If necessary, absorb the remaining water in a towel and perform gentle movements.
  • Do not rub extensively

4. Day 6

  • The washing procedure shall be performed every day until the crusts at the implanted area start falling off
  • Do not rub extensively
  • Some hair along with the crusts might fall off. There is no reason to worry. Some follicles remain in the implanted area entering the dormant phase until hair regrowth begins

Typically around 1 to 4 weeks post-surgery, the upper part of the implanted hair might fall off. There is nothing to be worried about the hair loss which follows. These hair follicles remain at the implanted location to enter the dormant phase. The hair regrowth takes about 5 to 6 months post-surgery.

Things to know about some important aspects:

  • The bleeding:

Following the surgical operation, a few exudate leakage would possibly arise, each from the donor and the implanted vicinity, which is absolutely normal. In the not likely that you witness consistent bleeding, however, please observe these commands:

Apply non-stop and consistent stress to the bleeding vicinity with sterile gauze for about 15 minutes.

  • The sleeping

It isn’t advocated to lie and sleep for your face, due to the fact this function would possibly motive the swelling of the face. For three days, sleep together along with your head extended to 30°. Using greater pillows or a raised mattress is appropriate for this. Inflatable neck pillows used on planes can assist withinside the right positioning of your head.

  • The bandaging

After the hair transplantation, the patients are discharged with a bandage on their heads. This bandage will be taken off, on the day of the surgical operation earlier before going to the mattress.

  • The pain and swelling

In maximum cases, other than a few minor discomforts, the excessive ache is unusual. Some patients do not feel maximum pain, however, can also additionally witness headaches, specifically close to the donor vicinity. In this case, use the supplied or different over-the-counter painkillers.

In a few cases, swelling across the brow would possibly arise at the third and fourth. day after surgical operation, which usually lasts for 2-three days only. This swelling would possibly spread, which would possibly motive the transient swelling of the vicinity across the eyes and the nose. In such cases, we advise bloodless compression at the brow, 2-three instances a day, for 15-15 minutes.

  • The itching

It is feasible that when the hair transplantation, or with the developing of the implanted hair, an itchy sensation takes place withinside the implanted vicinity and/or the donor vicinity, which is a part of the recuperation procedure, so there may be no want to be worried. Dryness of the scalp may also result in itching. Scratching is prohibited, due to the fact this results in the lack of the implanted hairs. Instead, we advise the use of infant oil to alleviate the signs and symptoms.

Congestion, redness of the scalp would possibly arise in the implanted vicinity, which fades through the years and disappears with the aid of using itself. This congestion is herbal after such an intervention, so please do not worry.

  • The healing and scarring

Allow your head to ventilate freely, keep away from something that may block the manner of the air. After the surgical operation keeps on a calming lifestyle, do now no longer pressure for a minimum of three weeks. Abstain from alcoholic drinks after surgical operation for a minimum of 1-2 weeks. Do now no longer smoke after the surgical operation for a minimum of 2 weeks. Avoid any medication, that can have an effect on the blood flow

  • The scalp blisters

2-three months following hair transplantation, in uncommon instances, small, swollen pimple-like sacs (cysts) would possibly seem across the hair follicles. In fact, small blisters are continually fashioned withinside the 1st month following hair transplantations, due to the fact the brand new hairs develop and wreck via the layers of the skin. This procedure can without difficulty be flawed with contamination, even though it is herbal. In maximum cases, blisters open with the aid of using themselves and disappear after some days without medication. If larger or greater acne arise, which might be observed with the aid of using redness, make sure to touch our medical doctors who will assist you.

  • The numbness

Numbness would possibly arise withinside the scalp across the implanted vicinity. This numbness is but transitional and is going away inside 6-eight weeks in a maximum of the cases. In uncommon events, the numbness would possibly be consistent for multiple months.

  • Combing

Do now no longer comb or brush your hair withinside the implanted vicinity for 7 days after the operation. After this period, you may lightly begin combing your hair on the non-implanted regions, however, it is highly essential no longer to touch, comb or brush the implanted regions even then. You can comb the donor vicinity as quickly as you wish, however, keep away from touching the skin.

  • The exercise and activities

It is quality to loosen up on the day after the surgical operation. You are going to be uninterested in the operation and the given medication. If feasible, spend the moment at your property or in peaceful surroundings relaxing. Focus on the given commands and the ordinary showering of your head as defined above. After this, you may steadily pressure yourself and after three weeks you could completely go back to your day-by-day routine. It is suggested to absolutely chorus from smoking for some weeks following a surgical operation. For three weeks each sport, swimming, solarium, and sauna are prohibited!

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