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How to Stop Snoring?

“As soon as I start falling asleep, I am awakened up my husband’s heavy snoring,” says Lisa. There are many others like Lisa and her husband who have been suffering from the annoyance snoring cause. Well, it might not be something dangerous but it is a common problem among people of all age groups and affects both men and women. However, the rate of people who snore during sleep is slightly higher among men than in women.

According to reports, around 90 million of the adult population in U.S is constantly affected by snoring.  While it is both annoying and noisy, snoring also indicates to many health problems which if treated properly, can rid you and people around you from this bothersome lullaby of yours.

Why Do People Snore?

If you are a snorer or live with someone who just can’t sleep without you nudging him/her then you must wonder as to why do people snore. Well, snoring is a problem shared by many; people either suffer from it at night or occasionally when they sleeping with a blocked nose. The problem is more common among men and elderly. Also, people who are obese and overweight are more likely to suffer from snoring.

Although the problem is mostly joked around but can cause problems like: disrupted sleeping, fatigue, tiredness, and headaches for the snorer and those who sleep with them. If the problem gets serious and left unaddressed then it can further lead to other severe problems like heart diseases, apnea and numbness. Most people with extreme snoring problems usually suffer from obstructive sleep apnea.  One a person falls asleep, his/her throat muscles are relaxed as a result of which the tongue is relaxed leaving the throat soft and narrow.

Now that you breathe, a vibratory sensation is developed in the walls of your throat and hence the narrower your airway becomes, the more vibration is produced which leads to the irritating sound we call snoring. Your snoring may be caused by various reasons. In elderly people, aging naturally leads to the slackening of throat muscles and hence the snoring.

Also, problems occurring in the nose and throat such as: deviated septum, nasal polyps, and adenoids can further proceed to extreme throat narrowing while sleeping. Occasional snoring may be a result of nose cessation or nose and throat inflammation during cold and flu. In extreme cases, throat airway becomes completely blocked which entirely restricts breathing. This extreme condition is called apnea and requires immediate medical attention.

Is There A Cure For Snore?

If prodding, poking or nudging your snoring partner doesn’t work then you should look for some genuine cure which can provide relief to the person and to those around. While you should definitely consult a doctor if you have been snoring for quite long and it has started disrupting your sleep but here are a few things you can do on your own.

Unblock through steam:

If your snoring is a result of nasal cessation then one solution to treat this problem is inhaling steam. Pour some steaming hot water in a bowl and inhale its steam by covering your head with a towel or cloth so that the steam doesn’t escape and is inhaled to unblock the nasal congestion. For better results, you can add some drops of essential oil, preferably eucalyptus or tea tree.  This can instantly unclog your nose and help you sleep better.

Clear out the sinuses:

One problem that leads to snoring is blocked sinuses, take a hot water bath before going to bed and thoroughly clean your sinuses from any mucus. Also, for people who snore, it is recommended that they sleep on their sides rather than on their back and keep your head raised.

Cut the alcohol:

Alcohol and tobacco act as major contributors in snoring. They both affect the lungs and thus in term result in contracting the airways which cause you to snore and may lead to other respiratory issues. Hence, one way to reduce your snoring is cutting your alcohol consumption and smoking.

Increase Humidity:

You can install a humidifier to reduce dryness in air, specifically during autumn and winters. Make sure you sleep is undisturbed because this might cause tiredness during the day. For this, make sure your bed is comfortable and the air you’re breathing in is free from pollutants. A common problem for people with respiratory issues is polluted air caused by the use of unnecessary chemicals, pest spores and dust. Keep the air inside your room allergen free and keep a humidifier near you.

Natural ways to cure:

Cardamom, honey and garlic, taken with warm water before sleep can all help you sleep better with reduced snoring.

If you are struggling to get a good night’s sleep and silent sleep then these tips can help you in treating your snoring problem. However, it is best recommended to consult a doctor to help address the cause and treat your snoring properly.

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