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How to Stay Healthy On the Go?


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One of the main problems for so many people striving towards healthy living is the struggle to maintain a crazy schedule while continuing to make health conscious choices.


If we are totally honest, often keeping up with the schedules we make in life can be put before living out healthy conscious choices. Making sure your child is at school on time comes before eating a healthy breakfast.

Getting to the dentist appointment on times has priority over thirty minutes of intentional exercise. Throwing a frozen dinner in the microwave wins over prepping a home cooked meal. It’s understandable.

Life can be overwhelming, and the decisions that would be healthier just tend to take up so much time. And, for those attempting to balance a hectic schedule, it’s known that time is everything.

Although living a health conscious life in all different facets of life may seem unrealistic, there are easy, practical ways to integrate healthy living into your schedule! Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to stay healthy while on the go!

Tip #1: Always have a water bottle with you!

Now, I know, this seems like the most basic healthy living tip that has ever been given. However, so many people on the go tend to forget the importance of staying hydrated.

From personal experience, the more dehydrated you are, the more sluggish and unfocused you will be for the rest of the day.

So, with that being said, make sure to have a water bottle that you actually enjoy using! This might sound silly, but so often people don’t drink water on the go because they don’t own a water bottle that they genuinely enjoy.

If you struggle with drinking water, I recommend buying a water bottle that has a straw mechanism built in.

This makes it easier to sip water while driving, and, if I’m being honest, is a lot more fun! I’m confident that you will see your water intake increase once getting a water bottle that is well fit for your tasted and has easy accessibility for traveling to and fro!


Make a goal of how many cups of water, or water bottle refills, you will drink per day, and work your hardest to reach that goal. Not only will you feel accomplished, but your body and mind will also be hydrated!

Tip #2: Schedule your workouts

Once again, this tip sounds easy to do, but is definitely harder to follow through with. On that note, it is possible to schedule in workouts!

If you don’t make time for working out ahead of time, it will be pushed to the back burner. It’s not the number one priority for most people at any given time during the day, which is why it’s easier to skip a workout.

I recommend planning in a workout for right when you wake up. Working out as soon as you wake up might sound miserable, but is actually very refreshing! Not only will you feel energized for the day lying ahead, but you can also check off a workout before your day has really begun.

If scheduling in a workout during the morning isn’t possible for your every day schedule, try wearing workout clothes while running other errands during the day.

That way a workout can be fit in between different appointments and time commitments. Plus, wearing your workout gear will also be a reminder during the day of getting active, and will add motivation.

Tip #3: Use a slow cooker

A slow cooker? I know. It sounds like A LOT of work. But it’s not, believe me. The key to using a slow cooker for meal preparation is this– don’t do it all at once! Plan out your meals for the upcoming week.

If you want to have three meals prepared in the slow cooker per week, prepare the food that Sunday. Cut up the chicken, vegetables, or other foods that will be used for all three meals.

This way, you can wake up in the morning, throw all the pre-chopped items in the slow cooker, and head straight out the door! And when you come home after a tiring day, a nice, healthy home cooked meal is already prepared and waiting to be devoured.

To make planning slow cooker meals more effective, search Pinterest and the internet for the easiest, most nutrition packed slow cooker meal recipes.


Find one you enjoy, and stick to it! If you easily get bored of your foods, try adding new spices or herbs. The flavor will be transformed without a decline in the nutritional value of the meal!

Tip #4: Don’t skip breakfast!

It happens to the best of us, the morning chaos engulfs you, and before you know it, you’re out the door with no breakfast in your stomach.

Not eating breakfast is setting you up for a tiring, energy lacking day. Eating a nutritious breakfast, no matter how elaborate, will improve the rest of your day.

If you have the time, making an omelette and whole grain toast will fill you with protein and give you an ample amount of energy to conquer the day ahead!

If you don’t have time to make a breakfast at home, taking a granola or protein bar on the go is also a great idea! Make sure to eat a bar that is full of nutritious factors, like protein, healthy fats, and whole grains.

Tip #5: Get plenty of rest

Once again, this sounds much easier said than done. However, there are tips to getting plenty of rest. First, don’t push off parts of your workload until late at night.

Make a checklist during the day of all the things you need to accomplish, and make sure to complete this checklist during the day. Then, at night, make sure to go to sleep at a decent time.

Not only will you wake up more energized from a good night’s rest, but you will also wake up earlier, as you won’t be exhausted from trying to pack too much into a late night. The energy you have when you wake up can then be used to complete a workout or cook a healthy breakfast!

Hopefully these tips and tricks are helpful for you to learn how to stay healthy while on the go! Life can be busy, but never lose sight of your health, and always make time to invest in eating right and taking care of your body, through working out and sleeping plenty. You won’t regret adding in these healthy tips to your day!

Author Bio:


Jordan is the beauty and brains behind Beautifully Alive! She loves eating healthy and trying new recipes. The self-proclaimed Zumba Queen has a passion for beauty products and loves reading new books. She’s always down for a DIY project!

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