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When you don’t have insurance, that alone can be a source of anxiety. But if you’ve run out of anxiety medication and can’t see the doctor, it can be problematic for so many areas of your life.

There are a few things you can do about both kinds of anxiety, and we’re going to cover them in this post.

Here’s how to resolve your anxiety problems when you can’t afford insurance.

Consider insurance alternatives

There are alternatives to traditional insurance that are less expensive. Naturally, your coverage won’t quite be the same, but if you’re worried about worst-case scenarios, emergency insurance can cover you for less.

The good news about emergency insurance is that you don’t have to wait for an enrollment period. You can enroll anytime.

But if you’re looking to see a doctor for your anxiety, emergency insurance isn’t going to help. In this case, consider a different alternative to traditional insurance.

Insurance alternatives are a more affordable way to handle your regular doctor’s visits. You may have to pay something out of pocket, but the premiums are much less than with traditional insurance.

Some work by issuing a debit card to cover your medical expenses. You’ll use that card to pay for visits to the doctor, and the company pays whatever they deem to be reasonable market value for the particular service you get.

This means you could pay a lot out of pocket if you visit an expensive doctor, but you could also get money back if your doctor charges below market value.

Opt for telehealth

Many telehealth services offer telemedicine for a flat rate that can be as low as $19 per session. This includes a consultation and evaluation from a medical doctor who can diagnose your symptoms and prescribe medication.

This is a great solution if your only concerns are anxiety or another condition that can be diagnosed over the internet.

If you are prescribed anxiety medication, you will still need to pay for the prescription itself, but $19 is quite a bit less than you’d pay for insurance or even an in-person doctor’s appointment.

Try natural solutions

There are natural ways to address anxiety and other ailments, and if you use these as your go-to solutions, you may be able to treat anxiety without a doctor.

The following are some natural solutions for anxiety that may be helpful.

  • Magnesium — Magnesium is a mineral that’s found in our diets, but if you want to up your relaxation factor, consider taking a magnesium supplement. There’s a popular supplement called Calm that many people take for anxiety, but you can take any bioavailable form of magnesium. It’s called the ultimate chill pill for a reason.
  • Meditation — Many studies have been done on mediation and anxiety, and it’s been proven to be one of the best natural cures for generalized anxiety disorder. Meditation has also been found to be effective in treating symptoms of depression.
  • Massage — You know you feel good when you get a massage, and there’s a reason for that. Massage relaxes your muscles naturally, and it instantly relieves any tension you have in your body. It won’t work for the long-term, but it’s highly effective for the short term. That’s why you should make a habit of massage for depression or anxiety.
  • CBD — CBD is another effective natural treatment for anxiety, and it has been shown to be highly effective. And the great thing about CBD is that research shows it’s effective at any dose, whereas THC found in cannabis is only effective at treating anxiety in small doses. In large doses, THC can worsen anxiety. CBD is also used for treating social anxiety disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. If you’re interested in trying CBD, check with your local regulations. CBD is completely illegal in some states, such as Iowa and South Dakota, and some other states have strict regulations.
  • Exercise — Good old exercise is a great natural treatment for anxiety. So if you aren’t already working out daily, now may be a good time to start. When you exercise, your body produces endorphins that improve your mood naturally. This is what contributes to what people call the runner’s high.
  • Boosting your immune system — If you don’t have insurance during the current pandemic, you’re probably worried about contracting COVID-19. Even if you’re in great shape, we’ve all heard stories about people who have gotten unexpectedly high bills after getting tested for COVID-19. That’s enough to cause anxiety for anyone. So, while you’re waiting for a time when you can become insured again, work on boosting your immune system. Eat whole, unprocessed foods and avoid alcohol. There’s a strong link between anxiety and addiction, so you should be wary of drinking too much alcohol anyway.

So many Americans are in the same boat where they can’t afford insurance and are struggling with anxiety. Fortunately, traditional insurance isn’t the only safety net available.