Chronic back pain is not only a problem that is painful and often requires medical intervention, but it is also problematic because some of the activities that will help relieve back pain (such as losing weight and stretching out the muscles) are difficult to do while you are in pain.

If you suffer from chronic back pain, you can still exercise and improve your health. The following exercises are approved for persons with general back pain.

Consult with your doctor to ensure these exercise are right for you before beginning any new exercise plan. Your doctor may not want you to engage in certain exercise activities based on your unique condition.


Walking is typically an approved activity for individuals with back pain. Walking helps reduce fatigue and helps you return to normal life after a back injury or back surgery. Walking does not cause much spinal aggravation, which is good for the back.

Walking also helps improve posture, which is essential for full recovery from back pain. Walking also helps improve circulation, which can help your body recover faster from injuries.

Water-based exercises

Water is a low-impact environment that is perfect for exercising in with a bad back. Exercises like water walking, swimming, and water aerobics are healthy for individuals suffering from back pain.

In the water, you not only exercise your legs, but also your arms and entire body. The water also supports your weight, which reduces compressive forces in the spine. The helps you build strength and range of motion even during times of strain on the back.


Certain yoga poses are appropriate to try when suffering from back pain. Depending on the type of pain that you have, and the type of injury, certain exercises will be better than others.

Typically, poses that involve a lot of twisting are not appropriate for painful backs. Your doctor can help you find the right yoga exercises for you. Yoga exercises are ideal at strengthening your core muscles and transverse abdominal muscles, which are important for maintaining posture and back health.

Strength exercises

The muscles in your back also connect to your inner ab muscles, known as the transverse muscles. Think of these muscles as a corset around the center of your body.

By tightening the corset, you strengthen the muscles and provide additional support to your back. Imaging yourself pulling your belly button in toward your spine to engage these inner core muscles.

Pulse the muscles in and out at least 100 times a day to strengthen the core and back.  You can also hold these muscles in while engaging in other activities, such as driving, doing chores around the house, or waiting at the office copier.

Proper posture

Posture is essential for a healthy back. A lot of back injuries are caused by poor posture, whether in every day activities or in unusual activities such as lifting heavy boxes. Obesity can also cause your body to shift its weight out of optimal alignment, making it easier to get hurt.

Try to practice good posture wherever you go, whether standing or sitting. Always try to tuck in the stomach and pull the shoulders back and open up your chest. This will help you breathe better and feel better overall. Don’t be surprised if using good posture makes you feel sore at first.

Besides doing exercise you may want to make sure to equip your home with chairs and mattresses that help you keep the proper posture whenever you sit or sleep. You can buy the necessary pieces of furniture at online shops like Healthy Back Online.

These methods will help anyone maintain exercise even through back pain. With the right doctor-approved exercises, you may find that you recover faster from your back pain than you would have without the exercise.