Reduce Calories

To burn unwanted fat, you must reduce your calories carefully! But there is a very important details: Weight loss diets need to determine how much to reduce calories. If you cut calories drastically can garnishes unpleasant surprise. Here are the two most frequently received unpleasant result of too few calories:

Removing muscle tissue – when you reduce calories and do very suddenly, you expose your body to stress. It just “freak” and does not understand what’s going on: there calories and suddenly – no calories. In such cases, unless your body fat reaching and protein (muscles), which are also a good source of energy. So muscles break down and melt as they go for energy needs. This decomposition is assisted by the hormone cortisol, which is secreted in increased amount of stress such as this. The result is sad: with fat and lose muscle and if you’re not trained – you have to start all over again.

Slowing metabolism (metabolism) – this is a common problem in sharply restricting calories. In the first days after the switch to the new weight loss diet, you may notice better results and relatively fast Weight loss. But you take a few weeks, there will be some negative changes. Your body will react to weak submission of calories, slowing metabolism substances. So he will seek to retain fat and consume fewer calories than usual. Calories are like money: do you much you spend much and vice versa. That is why you will begin to spend less calories and fat will download very slowly.

It is possible that fat burning to stop completely if your body fully accustomed to the new low-calorie diet as quick weight loss results. So pretty special athletes practicing cyclic diets where 2-3 days take less calories, then 2-3 days take plenty. They do not allow the body to get used to your new weight loss diet and lowered metabolism.

How many calories do we need?

So now you are aware that you need to reduce calories a little to avoid unpleasant consequences. Downloading the fat will happen gradually, so nothing to worry about. But how exactly can reduce calorie intake? And anyway, how many calories you need in burning fat? You can specify this in one of two ways:

First way – for one week write down everything you eat. Then use the table with the chemical composition of food and calculate how many total calories you consumed for the week. Then divide the result of 7 and you get an average of how many calories you eat each day without changing their weight. Then reduce the result by 20% and you get how many calories you should take in daily to clear the excess fat. For example, if you eat 17,500 calories a week, it makes 2,500 calories a day without changing their weight. Remove them from 500 (20% x 2500 = 500) and get it to clear the excess fat, you must eat 2,000 calories a day.

The second way – it is easier than the first and it you do not need a table of calories .You just have to know your weight, and be aware of the type of your physique: if you ectomorf (download easily mass), mesomorph (upload and download relatively easy) or are endomorf (download table very difficult).

What you need to do to find out what your body type and constitution (somatotype) and calculate the necessary calories is as follows:

  • If you are endomorph: (very difficult to remove the mass), multiply your weight by 28
  • If you are mesomorhpic: (download table relatively easily) multiply your weight by 30
  • If you are ectomorph: (easily download table), multiply your weight by 32

For example, if you weigh 70 kg and are endomorf (difficulty removing weight), you need 1960 calories (70 x 28 = 1960) to remove subcutaneous fat. It would not be surprising if you get the necessary difference in calories if they calculate both ways. So, through the Fat burning Kitchen diet program you can decrease calories by 100-200, with the best results.

How to spread your calories throughout the day?

You must deploy the necessary intake of calories a 5-6 roughly equal meals. For example, if you need 1,800 calories a day, it is best to swallow 6 times 300. Meals in the middle of the day and after exercise may be slightly more calories at the expense of those in the evening before bedtime. Many calories before bedtime should be avoided at all costs as it can easily turn to fat. So you yourself will complicate quests and will burn fat and long time weight loss.

From what substances coming calories?

Once you have decided to remove the fat, you should follow the following prescription: about 45% of calories should come from protein, equally (45%) should come from carbohydrates and no more than 10 percent are from fat. Compliance with this ratio is crucial for fat burning.