How to Prepare Your Child to Be a Millionaire

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This is the 21st century and in this is the era of knowledge and ideas. This is not the era where you send post card to your wife, who is miles far away from you, In this era you can do love messages for her through phone which she can get within a second.

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In this era, you do not have to be rich for becoming a rich person. Only one idea can make you so. Before this era, you have to be rich and have to do lots of hard work for becoming rich so you can buy any product to make any product and sell it.

If you look on the Forbes top 10 riches in the world then many of them become rich because of a website or a system which they made. The biggest example in front of us is Amazon. Therefore here I am giving you a few tips which can help you, child, to develop a Millionaire mind.

Not depending on books only

In this world, we are depending upon the outer source of knowledge like books , couces and many more which is wrong because more knowledge than those books we can get through our observations only.

When we start observing we will find that we have mastered many topics. When you start reading other books like how to make friends and influence others, Rich dad poor dad, etc. You will feel that all the books which all the famous writers have written are just based upon the observations only, nothing else.

For this, you need to teach your child about spirituality like meditation. In this way maybe your child will take interest in becoming a saint but here we are trying to make him a multi-millionaire saint.

Choose the right carrier/trade for them

Mostly people suggest us that we should let our child choose the subject or the carrier in which they want to pursue by them self and sometimes we choose for them by our self but in reality both things are wrong.

We just need to put our child in every field as we can in childhood to check that in which subject he is naturally good.

As Einstein was a stupid child who doesn’t even know, how to tie its shoelace but he was naturally good in maths & science, he also enjoys that, therefore he also got success in both the subject drastically so.

If your child is good in painting but he wants to be an engineer just because of money then you don’t let him go in engineering because he will not be able to become a historical engineer but if he pursue painting in which he/she is already good & work hard in it then maybe he can be a historical or a unforgettable painter.

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Give them $50 for reading a book

As everybody knows that reading is a great habit. As “Not all readers are leaders, but all leaders are readers.”, So you can offer your child if he/she wants to buy anything then you can offer them to buy that particular thing they want but for that, they need to read a whole book like rich dad poor dad, Think and grow rich and many more.

Which will make him smart and those books will make him think like an entrepreneur.

Simple Lifestyle

I know it happens usually when we have our first baby or 2nd, We try to give them the best thing which we can afford for him but this is wrong because in this we put our child in the wrong direction plus make our financial burden heavier.

You just need to teach him how to live simple life so he can be habitual with it. When you develop these reading habits and simple lifestyle in your child in childhood & When he/she will grow up.

He will get accustomed to this environment and will not spend money on those things which he doesn’t need. E.g. Warren Buffet is the biggest example in front of us for this point as He continued to live in the same house in the central Dundee neighborhood of Omaha that he bought in 1958 for $31,500, a fraction of today’s value.

Teach them investing

If your child is in their 12-18 year age and they want you to buy some expensive thing for them then don’t buy that thing directly and gift them.

In this way, they will not be going to learn anything. You just need to give them the double or the triple amount of the price of that product and tell them to invest this money somewhere and through the profit, they can buy the thing which he/she wants. In this way, you will develop his/her interest in investing.

Don’t Trap your child in school: Basic study is indeed really important for every kid but maybe going to school is not. Schools have never played any key factor in any body’s life, especially in a business man’s life.

Which education you are getting in school you can get that education at home in less time. In this way, you will be able to save your time and money and you can spend that time and money in developing any talent or skill which can be useful for you for your entire life.


In this everybody is following each other. All the people do those things which is everyone doing. Those people who make so much money have done something different, therefore.

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They got so much success, Like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bozos, Jack Ma & etc. Like all these people, You also need to keep your identity and try not to mix up in anything.

Always try teach your kids that in this era ideas is the real sources of wealth, problem solving is the real source of income, different thought is source of income but you just need to implement those ideas in real world because there is so much competition in creating new ideas but there isn’t any competition in implementing those ideas and if you are not able to think such unique ideas then you just need to keep your eyes open and try to find/grab that idea from someone else’s mind who is not strong enough to implement that idea.

So many people did the same like Bill Gates & McDonald’s founder did.

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