Triathlon races have received a lot of attention in recent years, and many have already tried it a couple of times. The races have been counted as physically demanding tests, and are suitable for the toughest of the tough.

Learn how to quickly get into shape for a triathlon!

Training, training, training

Triathlon is a multisport consisting of swimming, cycling and running – in this order. The distances vary from race to race, and some races and rallies are suitable for the more experienced.

One of the most popular triathlon events is the Norseman Xtreme Triathlon.

Here, the athletes perform the following exercises:

  • Swimming: 3.8 km in the Hardangerfjord.
  • Cycling: 180 km from Eidfjord, over Hardangervidda, and on to Austbygda on the Tinnsjøen lake.
  • Running stage: 42.2 km towards Rjukan and up to the top of the Gaustatoppen.

The vast majority of events you can sign up for in cities and around the world aren’t restricted to elite athletes, but as you probably understand, strong physical foundations and a lot of hard training are required in advance for good results.

How to exercise?

The best tip most training experts provide is to start now! Even if you’re not going to attend a race until next year, you can, and should, start to prep now. This is how you’ll build a strong physical foundation.

When it’s around six weeks left for the race, you should start working out harder to prep your body for physical stress.

Here, many athletes take their workout strategy to the extreme just before the competition in order to perform optimally. But this period should not last long, as extreme workouts at a longer period could have the opposite effect.

Remember that the body needs recovery time to builds itself stronger. Therefore, give your body enough time to rest in between, and take a work-free week between workouts.

Remember to also have a diet that includes everything your body needs to recover properly. Feel free to add diet supplements during your period of prepping.

Training programs

Make sure you have an exercise program that you enjoy and that you feel will benefit you. The exercise program should include swimming, biking, and running, and if you start well in advance you should have at least one session a month that includes all three branches.

The training program should also include:

  • Large base exercises such as lifting, squats, and bench press
  • Good upper body exercises that make you stronger in the back and arms
  • Good leg exercises that make you stronger in the “bicycle muscles”
  • Cardio workout

A good tip is to work out with a heart rate watch and set up a program after that. This way you can monitor the progression and make sure you don’t overload the body.


Physical strength is also about mentality. Therefore, you should prepare your mind as best as possible and stretch it to the extreme sometimes. You will certainly be outside your comfort zone during the competition, so it’s important that you practice how to deal with this ahead of the competition.

Another good tip is to practice visualization. Visualize how you’re going to conduct the competition and how to feel while doing it.

Your mind and body are often interconnected, and what you’re thinking will also often be the reality. Therefore, always think positive thoughts!

Good luck!