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How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

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When it comes to weddings, money should not be an object, but sadly, it is. As much as you might want a dream wedding in a perfect location that you have dreamed of since you were a child, it could potentially take a very long time to save up for that.

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But you can have a beautiful and elegant wedding on a very tight budget. One of the most important things you can do to keep costs down at a wedding is to keep your guest list to an absolute minimum.

Many people go overboard on their wedding day and invite people that they have not even spoken to for years, simply because they want everyone to see them. But you are paying for these people so keep them to a comfortable and fair minimum.

Dresses are expensive whether they are for brides or bridesmaids. Charity or thrift shops are great places for high quality, modern dresses that have only been worn once (sometimes not at all) and are being sold for a great price! You can get designer dresses from some high end charity or thrift stores for around $100.

It’s a well known fact that bridal shops put a huge mark-up on dresses simply because they are for a wedding and brides with the money will pay for them.

But prom dresses are a heck of a lot cheaper because the stores know there is a limit to what kids and parents will pay, and some of them are stunning and elegant. They can be found at specialist prom dress stores or even online!

Wedding cakes can be so very expensive, costing in excess of $150 for a small cake. If you know someone who is good at baking and decorating, ask them to make your wedding cake for a small fee, or they could even make it for you as their wedding gift.

Alcohol is expensive no matter what time of year it is or whether it is a special occasion or not, so providing alcohol for all of your guests will prove a great source of stress and a drain on your budget.

Most people know that alcohol is expensive and very few people actually expect a free bar at a wedding because they know how pricey it will be.

A wedding does not have to cost the earth, it can be classy and stylish without spending a huge amount of money.

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