Breathing Exercises

What is a breathing exercise? Is it the kind of heavy breathing you have after an exercise? Definitely not!

Well according to medical dictionary, a breathing exercise is any form of exercise in which someone switches from shallow, rapid breathing to deeper and slower breathing.

A breathing exercise is primarily intended to promote effective and healthy breathing. It has been proven that engaging in breathing exercises will benefit your health. How can you perform a simple and proper breathing exercise?

What are the health benefits of performing breathing exercises? You’ll find out the answer very soon.

How to perform a simple breathing exercise

There are many so called techniques for breathing exercises. One common thing about them is that they all have weird Indian names. Just kidding. A proper breathing exercise doesn’t have to be too complicated. I am going to share with you a simple way to perform a breathing exercise. I learnt it from my grandmother. Now join me!

Step 1: Stay in a quiet and conducive place, where you can breath fresh air. Seat down comfortably.

Step 2: Now breath in slowly, for about four seconds. Make sure you breath into your abdomen not just your chest.

Step 3: Once you have finished breathing in for four seconds, hold your breath immediately, for another four seconds.

Step 4: Once you have held your breath for four seconds, you should exhale out for about four seconds too.

Step 5: Hold your breath after the four seconds has elapsed and breath in again, hence repeating it.

You can do this for about five to ten minutes.

Additionally you might hold your tongue against the back of your teeth, while performing the exercise. Just breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth.
Now the next thing on your mind should be, how does this procedure help me get healthy? Let’s equally find that out!

What are the health benefits of breathing exercises?

Breathing exercises are known to help the body in various ways, lots of medical, yoga and psychology experts always recommend it for many patients. Do you know why? Read below to find out why breathing exercises are good for your health.

1. Breathing exercises are generally known to reduce stress and anxiety. It is the ideal treatment for people with psychological problems. It is also beneficial to you.

2. If you are having trouble sleeping, a simple breathing exercise before going to bed can help you sleep like a baby.

3. Since it involves breathing, a properly and regular breathing exercise will increase the efficiency of the respiratory system. Deep breathing can increase the health of your vital respiratory organs.

4. Breathing exercises has been shown to also improve the lymphatic system. That simple means that your body is easily cleansed, excess fluid is eliminated through breathing.

5. The nervous system is also benefiting when you engage in breathing exercises. It is calmer and any anxiety you have, is reversed. Mental observation is also improved.

6. It also reduces constipation and bloating.

7.  A simple breathing exercise when done daily, especially before going to work or doing any activity will increase your intuition, sharpen your focus and creativity.

What you can do now?

Make it a priority to engage is a simple breathing exercise daily, maybe in the early hours of the day. It doesn’t matter how long it is done, it should just be sufficient and done regularly.

I perform a breathing exercise every morning, you should also do the same. Let’s all get healthy now!

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