Increasing numbers of businesses across America are making their employees take drug tests, which can detect whether they’ve been taking illegal substances outside of work.

As long as this is within a worker’s contract, they may be perfectly entitled to do this, although legislation on this varies from state to state. It’s clear to see why they do it: after all, workers who have been under the influence of drugs outside of work could still be unfit to work during employment hours.

Some people use the following methods to fool drugs tests, so being aware of how to clean up your pee and pass a drug test can be very helpful if you’re the one administering the test.

Drinking Lots Of Water

If a worker who takes drugs such as cannabis knows that he is going to have a drug test on the following day, one of their most likely courses of action is to drink lots of water the night before, and the morning of, the test.

It is commonly thought that this can dilute any drug traces within their system so that the test shows up as negative, but the amount of water needed for this to work can be excessive.

Drinking water in this way will only be successful if it’s consumed within four hours of the test. At this point, the person should drink two standard glasses of water (around 16 fluid ounces). In the final hour, they should drink two further glasses every 15 minutes, meaning that they’ve drunk around 48 fluid ounces in total or approximately one and a half liters.

Health experts recommend that we should not drink more than 33 fluid ounces of water an hour, or else a condition called hyponatremia or water intoxication can occur. This is potentially deadly, so this method is not recommended for passing a drug test.

Taking Aspirin

Those wary of drinking too much water may instead turn to the legal drug aspirin to fool a test designed to detect less acceptable substances. Many people who have passed these tests swear that taking aspirin creates a false negative in their workplace drug test, allowing them to pass it without any difficulty.

It is said that four Aspirin tablets are taken within four to six hours before the drug test is enough to fool it, and as this falls within a normal safe or recommended dosage, it can be a much more attractive proposition than drinking lots of water.

Taking aspirin for this purpose, however, is only effective against the EMIT test for marijuana, and so will be of no help if other tests are used or if other drugs have been taken.

Cranberry Juice

The humble cranberry has become a very popular super-fruit, which has had a number of health-giving properties attributed to it. It’s particularly popular among people with urinary or bladder infections, as it’s supposed to help flush out impurities in a pain free-way.

Similarly, it’s also believed by some to flush out traces of cannabis from within their system, allowing them to take a drug test without any worries.

It seems that drinking cranberry juice before such a test is only effective for light smokers, however, so heavy or regular smokers will have to turn to other means to fool the test and their employer.

Synthetic Urine

Imagine if there was a synthetically produced urine that looked and smelled just like the real thing, and that could even be heated to the correct temperature so that it felt like human urine when passed to a drug tester as well?

There is, and it’s called Monkey Whizz. One advantage this product has is that as well as being highly effective and practically impossible to differentiate from the real thing, it can also be carried surreptitiously by a cannabis smoker so that they can easily use it if called upon to give a random drug test at work.

Water dilution, aspirin, and cranberry juice may all be used by workers who are attempting to foil your drug test, but synthetic urine is even more efficacious and without potential side effects, It is, therefore, likely to become increasingly popular among those in the know.

Forewarned is forearmed, so now you know how employees in your business might be beating your drug test.