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How to Live a Healthy Life

A healthy life prevents diseases, makes one live long and happy on the earth. A healthy lifestyle includes our every choice day to day, from what we eat, what we put on our skin, where we go, what we listen to, the thoughts we think, how we feel and what we drink.

If you want to live long and be happy while you live, there are some rules and principles you must follow, some call these natural law.

Studies have noted four things or behaviours that make one age quickly and send someone to an early grave; they are smoking, drinking, malnutrition and lack of movement (sedentary lifestyles). In this article, we will be looking at things to do and what to avoid that can make one live long and happy.

Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

Eat lots of organic fruits and vegetables, they are nutritional powerhouses that load the body with vitamins, minerals, fibers, phytonutrients and other nutrients which lower the risk of one coming down with chronic diseases by 76% and they also reduce the risk of one coming down with cancer. Their anti-oxidant properties slow aging and clears wrinkles.

Drink lots of water

Man is a watery being made of 70% water which is essential for normal body function and metabolism; any decrease of water in the body below normal can lead to health problems and chronic dehydration can lead to very serious health problems and complications.

Water helps the body to function properly, removes waste and toxins from the body and also transports nutrients and oxygen round the body. Make sure the water you drink is pure, free from germs and chemicals because that can also cause another health problem.

Avoid stress

Stress has been said to be the number killer worldwide and it is the root cause of chronic diseases, it wreaks havoc to the body and weakens the immune system.

Relax and meditate often, avoid unnecessary dramas and conflicts and don’t overwork yourself. Have fun and spend your leisure time with happy people.

Don’t overeat

Overeating makes the digestive system works harder, reduce the function of the immune system and wreck other havoc in the body; it is better to eat smaller portions of food many times a day than a very large portion of food at once.

In a study of longevity around the world, it was found that the oldest Japanese people stops eating when they are 80% full.

Eating less makes one age slowly while eating large portions of food at a time slows metabolism and speed up aging. One thing people need to know about eating is that it is not about quantity but quality; eating high nutritious food in little quantity benefits the body more, it will even ward off frequent hunger because it is highly nutritious.

Sleep well

Get enough sleep for optimum health; as an adult you need 8 hours of night sleep and short naps in the afternoon, this will help your body to repair itself and strengthen the immune system. Lack of quality sleep makes one overeat, age quickly, weakens the immune system and cause some health problems.

Exercise regularly

A sedentary lifestyle kills, movement is life; daily exercises are fountain of youthfulness and it adds years to one’s lifespan. It has positive effects on all parts of the body especially metabolism, heart and mind.

The best exercise for long lifespan is waking, try walking for at least one hour every day; it will reset your body’s metabolism to normal and you won’t add weight.

Reduce time spent watching TV

In 2010, a study found out that people who watched TV for four hours or more a day were more likely to die from diseases by 46% than those who don’t watch; reduce your TV time and use the time to do other productive things.

Get lots of sunlight

The sun is one thing that is good for every living thing, from plants to animals and man. The good rays from the sun can cure almost every disease, it makes one look healthier, longer and provides the body with vitamin D.

Many people have been made to believe that the sun is dangerous and should be avoided, but that is not true. The first believe is that the sun causes skin cancer; this is not true, the rate of skin cancer is high in those who use sunscreens.

The only time the sun affects your skin is when you are malnourished or it is reacting with a chemical that you applied on your skin, e.g. sunscreens. Although it is still advised to stay out of hot sunlight, make it a habit to spend quality time in sunrise and sunset.

Don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol:

Nothing sends one to an early grave faster than smoking and heavy alcohol consumption; a study published in the American Journal of Public Health said that women who quit smoking at the age of 35 add roughly 6 to 8 years to their lifespan.

If you don’t smoke then try to avoid passive smoke because it will affect you the same way it affects the smoker and your will even be worse.

Eat well

A healthy balance meal taken regularly is the door way to a healthy life and not the pharmacy, you are what you eat and what you eat are the building blocks which your body use to heal and repair itself and to make new cells.

So why should you build your body from weak, cheap and inferior materials and not quality and strong materials that will help the body heal itself and live long.

Take lots of organic foods that offer nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates, fats, oils, vitamins, minerals and also contain good quantity of water.

Avoid processed foods because their nutrient quality is poor and they cause health problems due to the process they undergo and the additives put in them also interferes with normal metabolism.

Take lots of fruit juices and smoothies

These offer tremendous benefits to the body; they fight aging and diseases, strengthen the immune system and supply diverse kinds of nutrients and phytochemicals to the body. Take them regularly.

Go for regular medical checkups:

This will help you to know the state of your organs, your nutrient levels and to let you know what is going on in your body; there are some diseases that do not give any sign or symptom till it is too late and this can be avoided if one goes for checkup regularly.

Control your emotions, be happy and associate with positive minded people:

Studies have proved that positive emotions and happy feelings build a very strong immune system and make the body healthy. It is known that the body believes what you think and feels and act that way.

So why not focus on positivity, be happy not matter what by trying to see the good side of everything and associate with like-minded people.

Ebiojo David
I am a Biochemist and Naturopath, I love writing and educating people on health and wellness matters.

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