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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy

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For many of us, maintaining our hair is simply a case of washing it enough and maybe running the occasional brush or comb through it. However, even if we don’t go directly seeking it out, we are all constantly being bombarded with new information about what is supposedly good for our hair, and what is being added to the ever-growing list of things we should never do with our hair.

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From how often we should be using shampoo and conditioner, to whether we should be supplementing our routine with the use of oils or other hair products, if we do use these products, then how often should we use them so as to avoid trouble? The answer to all of these questions is more complicated than many people realize.

The good news is that by following just a few simple hair care tips you can ensure that you have great looking and healthy hair without having to put a massive dent in your wallet, or give over too much of your morning routine.

Things To Remember

Before you start worrying too much about the state of your hair, there are a few things that you should be aware of. First of all, it is perfectly normal to lose strands of hair. Scientists estimate that the average person loses as many as 100 to 150 strands of hair every day, so if you notice a bunch of them when you lift your head off the pillow, you don’t need to panic.

If you comb your hair while it is still wet, you need to be careful. Wet hair is particularly prone to breakage. If you do comb your hair while it’s wet, then you should use a broad toothed comb and make sure to run it right the way from the roots to the end of your hair. Do this as gently as you can.

Don’t Wash Too Often

Many people assume that washing their hair more often is better, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Hair products are great but only use them in moderation, whether it’s shampoo or volumizing foam. Your hair produces its own oils for the purposes of cleaning itself. Using shampoo and conditioner too frequently inhibits the production of these oils. Your body then compensates by releasing more of them.

The result is that if you wash your hair with shampoo every other day, then should you miss a day your hair will be fine. However, if you shampoo every day and inhibit the production of oils, then your body will release more of them and should you miss just one shampoo your hair will quickly become greasy.

The Lowdown on Oil

Oil is often recommended as a beauty treatment for hair and many speak about it as if it were some miracle cure. The truth isn’t quite so dramatic, but there is a good reason to think that using oil correctly could confer a number of benefits to the overall health of your hair.

Conditioner makes hair look and feels great, but oil contains things such as minerals, vitamins, and essential fatty acids. This means that in addition to strengthening hair, oil can also boost its overall health by providing it with nutrients.

Olive oil mixed with honey and cinnamon powder is a treatment that has been approved by the American Athletic Institute as a remedy for hair falling out.

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Maintaining healthy hair is straightforward and the most common mistake the people make is washing their hair too frequently. For those who want to keep their hair in absolute peak condition, you should make sure to only wash conditioner out with cold water and to trim the ends of your hair every few weeks to eliminate split ends.

Disclaimer: This article is purely informative & educational in nature and should not be construed as medical advice. Please use the content only in consultation with an appropriate certified medical or healthcare professional.

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