Pre-Pregnancy body

Aside from getting a serious lack of sleep and of course suddenly having a tiny human in your life who’s dependent on you for everything, one of the biggest changes that you’ve probably noticed since giving birth is that your body is no longer what it was before you got pregnant.

For most moms, regaining their pre-pregnancy figure and losing any extra ‘baby weight’ gained during pregnancy is an important part of readjusting to life as a parent and regaining their self-confidence.

If you’re a new mom wondering how on earth you’re going to reverse your looks so that you’re feeling more yourself, don’t despair as we have some top tips to help you get there.

Mommy Makeovers

Cosmetic surgery is becoming more and more of an attractive option to new moms wanting to get their pre-pregnancy body back.

This is a good idea as not only does it help you to lose any loose skin on your stomach that you’ve gotten through pregnancy, you can also have a breast lift to reduce any sagging, and liposuction can be performed to rid you of any stubborn, unwanted extra fat.

Although this option may not be for everybody, it’s definitely worth considering if your health levels are good enough and you have the money to afford it, as it can be a quick and safe way of getting your body confidence back. See Des Moines mommy makeover for more information on this package.

Healthy Diet

This one is pretty obvious, but as a new mom you’ll understand all too well how difficult it can sometimes be to try and stick to a strict healthy diet when you have a new little one to look after.

Being exhausted after sleepless nights and the hormonal readjustments that your body go through after giving birth is often a recipe for disaster and you might find yourself giving in to your cravings for cake and other unhealthy foods.

When it comes to your diet, the best thing to do is not deprive yourself. If you are breast feeding, you’ll need to make sure that you are getting the right nutrients as they will be passed on to your baby through your milk – this alone motivates moms to watch what they’re eating after giving birth.

Choose a diet that allows you freedom over the foods you eat and fill up on nutrient-dense foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, protein-rich foods such as chicken and pulses and drink plenty of water.

Steer clear of gimmick ‘quick fix’ diets such as meal replacement shakes – they’re no good for long term weight loss, and definitely not recommended for breast feeding moms.


Nobody expects you to be lifting 20kg dumbbells at the gym straight after giving birth, but once you’ve recovered from the birth, getting some light exercise is a great way to start working towards regaining your pre-pregnancy body.

Choose exercises that are light impact such as swimming or yoga, as you won’t be putting lots of stress on your body making these the best choices for new moms.

Walking is also a very effective way of getting exercise, and you can even take your baby along in a stroller and let them enjoy the fresh air as well.

Many new moms can suffer from post-partum depression, and if you’re in this situation then exercise can be a huge mood lifter, helping you to feel much better all-round.

Remember that there’s no need to beat yourself up about your body post-birth – after all, you’ve spent the last nine months growing a human! A healthy lifestyle and good nutrition will help you to quickly bounce back – and it will benefit your baby, too!