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How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally?

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The appearance of stretch marks is a general thing most women suffer from especially after pregnancy; it occurs due to sudden weight gain or weight loss, some people overlook it and carry on with their normal lives while it is offensive to some and they seek ways to get rid of them. It can affect the confidence and self-esteem of some people and make them feel uncomfortable.

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These stretch marks are visible lines on the surface of the skin with a different colour from that of the skin; they can be found on the abdomen, on the thighs, upper arms, breast, buttocks and sometimes legs.  It can cover large areas of the body sometimes.

They form in the middle layer of the skin, which is the dermis; they occur when the middle layer of the skin is stretched above its flexibility, and this can be due to rapid expansion or contraction of the skin.

When the skin stretches above its elastic limit; the collagen is weakened and the normal production cycle of collagen is interrupted and even damaged, this leads to the formation of fine scars on the surface of the skin.

Factors that can cause stretch marks are pregnancy as already stated, sudden weight gain or weight loss, stress, genetics or hereditary, side effects of medications (example is corticosteroid medications), body building, breast enlargement surgery and changes in physical conditions.

Some rare medical conditions can also cause stretch marks and some of them are Marfan’s syndrome (this is caused by a faulty gene which makes the skin and connective tissues of the body weak; this will reduce the elasticity of the skin and leads to the development of stretch marks), Cushing’s syndrome (in this condition, the body overproduces the hormone cortisol; which can lead to the development of stretch marks), Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and other disorders of the adrenal gland.

There are two main types of stretch marks; the red and the white stretch marks. Red stretch marks are formed when the middle layer of the skin is stretched; they are fresh and appear reddish or purplish at the initial stage and it comes with a lot of itching. The white stretch marks are white or silver in colour and they are the most stubborn.

They are caused when the blood vessels reduce in size and the fat under the skin becomes visible. There are many pharmaceutical products that that help to fade stretch marks; they have side effects which are not favourable to the body. Medical treatments for stretch marks involve the use of laser therapy, needling and microdermabrasion.

Stretch marks are rarely permanent as they will fade over time even when treatment is not employed; they are only annoying when they initially appear and some people can’t stand them, it can be frustrating when it affects the choice of one’s clothes and make it impossible to show some body parts like upper arms.

If you want to arrest stretch marks; the best time to do so is when they start appearing newly to avoid them turning into the white type that can be a little bit difficult.

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We will be looking at effective home remedies that can make stretch marks disappear completely. Note that men also suffer from stretch marks but it is more common and more obvious in women. The home remedies mentioned below can be used by both sexes.

Fresh aloe vera gel: The fresh gel of this powerful herb is potent in regenerating new skin tissues; it even fights skin problems and infection and heals the skin. Cut aloe vera leaf; scrap out the gel and apply it on the affected area.

Leave it for 20 to 30 minute then you wash it off with lukewarm water. Do it daily till you see result. To see quicker results in few days; you can mix vitamin E oil or vitamin A oil or both with the gel and apply on the stretch marks.

Water: A dehydrated skin is prone to lots of problems; it even harbors toxins and waste which can lead to skin problems. Keeping your skin hydrated is an effective way to prevent skin problems and stretch marks. Proper hydration helps to restore and maintain the elasticity of the skin and keeps the skin soft and supple.

Try and take at least 8 glasses of water daily; it should be more on hot days and days that you exercise or do more physical labour so that you won’t be dehydrated. Also take lots of homemade fruit juices; smoothies and herbal teas. Avoid coffee, soft drinks and soda.

Jojoba oil: This is an effective skin healer; it stops the progression of stretch marks, it heals old stretch marks, it nourishes the skin and stimulates the healthy growth of new skin cells.

Get pure and organic jojoba oil; apply few drops on the stretch marks and massage it for a few minutes. Do not wash it off; repeat this twice daily till you get the desired result. For serious stretch marks, you can apply it thrice daily.

Egg whites: These are rich source of proteins which can help in the production of collagen; they are also rich sources of amino acids which are beneficial to the skin. Break open an egg and separate the white from the yolk; then you whip it gently with a fork and apply this on the affected skin part.

Make sure the body part is clean before putting the egg white on it; apply it generously on the affected skin part using a makeup brush till it forms a thick layer. Allow the egg white to dry completely before rinsing it away with cold water. Then you wipe it dry and apply olive oil on the skin to keep it moisturized.

Repeat daily till you see the desired results and you can use more than one egg white if the area affected by stretch marks is too large.

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Rosehip oil: This essential oil is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A and E which supports the production of collagen; it is also rich in fatty acids which helps the skin to heal faster and fades scars.

Apply few drops of this oil on the stretch marks and massage it gently in a circular motion for a few minutes. Do not wash it off; leave it on the skin, you can repeat this twice daily for a quick and effective result.

Shea butter: This moisturizes the skin, it is a powerful antioxidant and it fights inflammation; it also guards against skin problems. Applying Shea butter regularly on your skin will fade out stretch marks, repair any damage and keep the skin healthy.

Take a good amount of shea butter and massage it into the skin daily; you can repeat it many times a day and continue daily until you see results.

Coconut oil: This oil helps in healing stretch marks; it quickens the healing process and prevents skin damage from UV and oxidation. Apply virgin coconut oil on the stretch marks and massage it gently; don’t wash it off, repeat twice daily for effective results.

Cocoa butter: This is another powerful natural remedy that can make stretch marks disappear completely. For best result use it at night; massage it well into the affected skin part, don’t wash it off, sleep with it till the next day and repeat daily till you see results.

Vitamin A: Either the oil or capsules can be used to heal the skin and reverse stretch marks; this vitamin makes the skin smooth and youthful. You can apply it directly on your skin and massage till it is fully absorbed into the skin or take the capsules orally.

It will improve the overall appearance of the skin and fade stretch marks. Also include rich sources of vitamin A in your diet and some of them are sweet potatoes, carrots and dark green leafy vegetables.

Vitamin C: This is a powerful antioxidant that fights toxins and free radicals in the skin and body; it promotes a healthy and glowing skin and clears scars at the same time. Take lots of foods rich in vitamin C and they include raw cabbage, citrus fruits, berries, kiwis, melons, broccoli, pineapple, spinach, peas, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, turnips, etc.

Vitamin E oil: Vitamin E oil capsules are effective in removing stretch marks; they can also remove scars and prevent skin aging. Its powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties nourish the skin, prevent skin problems and keep the skin healthy.

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It heals skin scars and protects the skin from UV radiation to a certain extent. Cut open the capsule so that you can have access to the oil; the oil should be applied on the affected skin part and massaged gently for a few minutes.

Leave it on the skin for as long as possible and do not wash it wash it off. You can also take the capsules orally every day. Continue daily until you see the desired result.

Black tea: This contains lots of minerals and vitamins; it is very rich in vitamin B12 which helps in clearing skin blemishes and skin pigmentation.

Boil 2 or more tablespoons of black tea and add some salt to it; let it cool then you apply it to the stretch marks for at least 15 minutes before washing it off with warm water. Apply a natural moisturizer and repeat daily for effective results.

Sugar: White sugar can help one to effectively get rid of stretch marks; it can even be used to exfoliate the skin. Add a tablespoon of raw sugar to some drop of almond oil; you can also mix few drops of lemon juice.

Mix them well and apply it on the affected skin part; massage the place for few minutes then you wash it off with lukewarm water. Do this daily till you get what you are looking for.

Coffee scrub: Coffee has a high content of caffeine which acts as an antioxidant and it degrades fat under the skin.

Using coffee ground to massage the skin will increase the flow of blood to that area and it can lighten stretch marks especially when mixed with other ingredients. You will need coffee grounds and water which will be mixed very well to form a paste; use this paste to scrub the affected area in circular motion for at least 5 minutes.

Rinse it off with warm water when you are done then apply olive oil or other natural moisturizers like aloe vera gel to moisturize the place. Do this daily till you get your desired result.

Cucumber and lemon/lime juice: Lemon or lime is a natural bleaching agent that can help to fade scars and spots on the skin.

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They are also rich in natural acids that help in healing the skin. Cucumber is rich in sulfur which beautifies the skin, heals it and gives it a natural glow; the juice of cucumber soothes the skin and gives it a feeling of freshness.

To make use of this remedy; juice lemon and cucumber separately them mix the juices in equal parts and apply this mixture to the affected area for at least 15 minutes. Makes sure it gets soaked up by the skin and then you rinse it off with warm water. Note that you can also use lemon juice alone but it is more effective when mixed with cucumber juice.

Sweet almond oil: This oil is rich in vitamin E which is a powerful antioxidant that nourishes the skin and promotes quick healing.

It smoothen the skin, reduces scaring and improves the complexion. Take two tablespoons of sweet almond oil, mix it with 2 drop of any essential oil of your choice; heat it for few seconds and apply it on the skin part with stretch marks.

Massage the affected area for a few minutes in a circular motion and let it dry; you can choose not to wash it off, do this twice every day till you see result.

Potato juice: The juice of potato is rich in many vitamins and minerals; it heals the skin, foster healthy growth of the skin and restores the cells of the skin and also rejuvenates the skin.

Get a medium sized potato and cut it into thick slices; take one of those slices and rub it gently on the stretch marks for a few minutes. Do it in such a way that the starch from the potato cover the affected area and forms a paste over it.

Allow the paste to dry for some time then you wash it off with lukewarm water; repeat daily until you see positive results.

Baking soda: Baking soda is a good exfoilant; it removes dead skin layers, it lightens complexion and fades stretch marks. To make it more effective; mix baking soda with lemon juice till it forms a thick paste and apply this paste on the affected area.

Wrap in cling and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. Remove the wrap and wash it off with warm water. Do this daily for quick removal and healing.

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Almond oil and coconut oil: Blending these two oils will give you an effective homemade stretch mark remover; mix them in equal quantity and apply this mixture on the affected skin part daily. Do not wash it off and massage the skin part so that it can be fully absorbed.

Tea tree oil: This essential oil has many important benefits and the skin is not left out; it fades scars and stretch marks and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Mix five drops of tea tree oil with 2 tablespoons of either olive oil or coconut oil; apply this oil blend on the affected skin part and massage the place gently. Do not wash it off; leave it on the skin so that it can be well-absorbed. Do this twice daily till you get the positive result you want.

Alfalfa: The leaves of alfalfa are very rich in 8 essential amino acids which are beneficial for the optimum health of the skin. They are also rich in proteins vitamins K and E which helps to nourish the skin and keep it healthy.

Get alfalfa leaf powder; take a tablespoon of it and add two drops of chamomile oil to form a smooth paste. Massage this paste on the affected area, repeat thrice daily till you see the desired result.

Argan oil: This oil is used in many cosmetics and beauty products because of its immense benefits to the skin. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E; these all help in nourishing the skin, it heals it and diminishes scars and stretch marks.

It also heals and restores collagen and elastic fibers of the skin. Get organic argan oil and apply this on the affected skin part and massage the area for at least a minute. Do not wipe or wash it away so that it will be properly and fully absorbed by the skin. Do this twice daily till you see results.

Apricots: These are powerful exfoilant; they are effective in healing and reversing stretch marks. Take 3 or more apricots, cut them open and take out the seeds; then you rush the fruits into a paste and apply it on the affected skin part for at least 15 minutes.

Wash the paste off with warm water and repeat this daily until you see the desired result.
You can also use pure apricot oil; it rejuvenates the skin and heals stretch marks. You can mi this oil with lemon juice and massage it into the skin for quicker and better result.

Lemon juice: This is another simple but effective home remedy for stretch marks; it heals the skin reduce acne, scars and stretch marks due to its acidic nature. Get fresh lemon and extract the juice; take 2 tablespoons of the juice and apply it on the stretch marks and massage it in a circular motion.

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Let it be on the skin for at least 10 minutes then you rinse it off with warm water, apply a natural skin moisturizer when you are done. You can also use lime juice. Do this once daily till you see result.

Olive oil: This healthy oil is rich in lots of nutrients and antioxidants that helps in improving the appearance of the skin and fades stretch marks. Slightly warm extra virgin olive oil and massage it lightly into the affected skin part.

Leave it on the skin and do not wash it off so that the skin can fully absorb all those essential nutrients; this will also improve the flow of blood to the skin and fade the stretch marks.

Another way to use olive oil to fade out stretch marks is to mix it with apple cider vinegar; apply this mixture to the affected place at night and sleep with it, do not wash it off. This will fade out the stretch marks, exfoliate the skin and keep the skin hydrated.

Apple cider vinegar: This miracle liquid is rich in acetic acid and malic acid which helps in lightening the skin and fading scars and stretch marks. Dip a cotton ball in ACV and rub it over the stretch marks; do it in the evening before going to bed, allow it to air dry and do not wash it off till in the morning then you apply  natural moisturizer. Do this daily at night before going to bed till you get the desired result.

Castor oil: This treats the dried and shriveled looking part of the skin affected by stretch marks; it also nourishes the skin and heals it. It makes the skin smooth and slowly fades the stretch marks; massage the oil into the skin daily and do not wash it off, repeat until you get the desired results.

Turmeric: Turmeric is full of antioxidants and its active ingredient Curcumin has skin lightening properties. When this is applied regularly on the skin; it will reduce the stretch marks and when used daily for a week, it completely fades out the stretch marks.

Get turmeric powder; mix it with yogurt and apply this paste on the stretch marks and leave it for at least 15 minutes to dry. Rinse it off with warm water and use natural skin moisturizers to moisturize your skin. Repeat twice daily till you get the desired result.


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Stretch Marks
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