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How to Figure Out About Low Testosterone Levels?

We all human beings are the slaves of hormones present in our body. One of the most important hormones in a man’s body is testosterone. It is responsible for growing the hair on chest and sexual desires in males.

During puberty, this hormone helps deepens his voice, builds muscles and enhances the size of penis and testes. In his adulthood, this hormone keeps the bones and muscles strong in a man and maintains his drive to have sexual pleasures.

It has been observed that most of the males experience a decline in testosterone. If any male experiences the decline in sex drive, he may have low levels of testosterone. However, many men think that low desire in sex is due to aging. It is highly recommended to get the medical check-up done if you feel that you have lost the sexual desire.

Reasons for Low Testosterone

Some of the reasons for low testosterone are mentioned below:

It has also been studied that aging and some medicines also affect badly on this hormone and make it lower. The health care provider will ask you for a blood test to check whether the levels have actually decreased and about testosterone problems. Based on the report, he will be able to suggest you the best treatment which you must follow religiously.

Treatment for Low Testosterone

The doctor will properly review your report and condition. If you are young or a couple who want to get a baby, he will suggest you taking the injections. These injections can enhance the sperm count which induces pregnancy in return.

However, if you are not concerned about fertility, you will be given daily gel or patch.  It will keep the hormones at optimum level and all the symptoms at bay. They are applied on regular basis for the best results. However, you should ensure that the gel does not come in contact with other people’s skin.

Benefits of Testosterone Treatment

If anyone shows the signs of low testosterone, a person is able to get the benefits within a few days. However, it is not a good idea to expect drastic change. However, a person may start to feel normal in some days.

Risks of Testosterone Treatment

A lot of risks can also be observed if you receive the treatment of lower testosterone. It can enlarge the breast size of a male and can raise the red blood count of a man. It can also enhance prostate growth in males. If a man is getting treated for breast cancer, he should not take testosterone treatment and it is also not suitable for men with prostate cancer.

If you have been diagnosed with this medical condition, it is strongly recommended to get the right kind of advice based on the medical condition. If your health care provider asks you to take medicine, you must do it properly and adhere to the schedule.

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