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How to Do More With Your Healthcare Career

Being a health enthusiast is often all that you need to start a career in health. You can be an influencer or a health nut with nothing more than some blogging savvy and passion for health.


As soon as many move away from this and start gaining qualifications, however, they feel locked into a certain career path.

You are not locked. You have potential. Whether you are a nurse, or an assistant, a carer, or even a radiologist, you have possibilities in your career. You aren’t doomed to work in one single industry.

You can work while you travel, use your talents in different settings, and so much more. You can do so much with your career in healthcare, and here are just a few ideas on how:

Travel While Working

All industries have positions around the country and around the world, meaning you can work and travel around the world. Getting a job in another country does tend to be more difficult due to working restrictions and visa requirements, yes, but you should never underestimate the beauty and potential of your own home.

There are medical staffing opportunities in every big city. Therefore, if you always dreamed of living next to the ocean, look for jobs that fit that description. If you want a more laid back lifestyle, look for sleepy towns for job openings.

The world is a big place and there are agencies out there that want nothing more than to help you find working opportunities as a healthcare professional.

Move Away from Care

There are so many jobs in the healthcare industry where you can use your talents in a more regulated capacity. If the long hours and inconsistent schedules aren’t doing it for you, or you want to rethink your career after starting a family, moving away from hospitals and into these four areas can be ideal.

1. Consider Research

An alternative to working in clinics or in hospitals is to move into research. Look for projects or research opportunities in research laboratories or at academic institutions.

Unless you are a doctor or hold a PhD you won’t be in a lead position, but there are many supportive roles you can get involved in.


2. Work in Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical companies will need to run tests on their drugs in the final stages, which means they will need a nurse to handle the distribution and monitoring of the patient’s health during the trial.

This doesn’t require around-the-clock care and instead helps life-saving drugs reach the shelves.

3. Work as a School Nurse

For easy work days and summer and Christmas off working as a school nurse can be ideal. You might not be the nurse right off the bat, so look for supportive roles that get you in the door as well.

4. Work in Administration

Finally, always consider working in the administration side of healthcare. Clinics need medical professionals to staff the reception, handle the documents, and provide the front-facing care to patients. Care directly, and enjoy your 9 to 5.

There are so many more opportunities for a healthcare professional out there that don’t involve long or difficult hours. You don’t need to work in a hospital to get the most out of your career.

With these options available you can finally enter the branch of your career that suits you best.

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